The Typical Size of a California King Bedspread

California king mattresses are several inches longer than conventional king-size mattresses and therefore require bedspreads with various dimensions. California king mattresses measure 72 by 84 inches, with the corresponding bedspread typically measuring 114 by 120 inches. Alternate sizes can be found, however. Selecting the proper size bedspread for your bed mainly comes down to the depth of your mattress, which fluctuates according to manufacturer and fashion.

Depth Perception

Most mattresses, irrespective of length and width, have a depth ranging from 9 to 12 inches. Pillow-top mattresses using thick memory foam toppers may be anywhere from 16 inches to 22 inches deep, so bedspreads and comforters also need extra inches for proper coverage. Several Cal-king bedspreads offered retail outlets now quantify up to 120 by 125 inches. Calculate the inches from the ground to the peak of the mattress — and topper pad if applicable — to get the most accurate indicator of which size bedspread to purchase.

Top Heavy

If you choose a comforter or duvet instead of a bedspread, the suitable size for a California King mattress is considerably smaller. This is since comforters typically sit on top of the bed with only slight overhang. Cal-King comforters normally measure from 102 by 86 inches to 102 by 94 inches. The more filling in the comforter, the less overhang you get — so choose wisely.

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