Quoins are the rock blocks used at the corners of Georgian-style masonry houses. They were traditionally granite rectangles which were placed in an alternating pattern and functioned as a structural component to load-bearing walls. Now they’re primarily decorative and produced from any number of materials. Even foam can be molded into many shapes and glued into exteriors, developing a quoin that’s a lot lighter than cast rock and much more cost effective to install.

Tommy Chambers Interiors, Inc..

Quoins were used at corners to support the burden of multiple stories and rock roofs, in a time before architects had established internal load bearing structures.

Pursley Dixon Architecture

These quoins were applied into the stucco of the house’s facade in an alternating pattern, then painted to add comparison.


The quoins with this Mediterranean house resemble limestone.

Triangle Brick Company

The brickwork on these exterior corners was set to resemble quoins.

Witt Construction

Veneers made from actual stone may mimic the appearance of quoins.

Dorman Architects

Quoins are structural, adding strength to the corners of structures, like those exposed rock slabs.

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