Affordable Decorating Ideas for Your Own Lake House

You found a fantasy lake home. Now, finding the funds to decorate it can be challenging. There are many choices for vacation home design. Sourcing decorative things can be as much fun as arranging them in the home. Flea markets, small antique shops and garage sales regularly yield inexpensive finds. Vintage upholstered furniture and lamps are less expensive than at retail shops, and they often look better in a lake home than newer options.


Buying used can save you money and get you better quality furniture. Selling furniture can be difficult, so buyers often have an advantage. Purchasing directly from a seller that advertises on the Internet requires journey to inspect the merchandise and also to pick it up. Local classifieds feature things for sale in the immediate area. Pieces can be recovered. Paint wooden tables and chairs in marine paint for use on porches. Bright primary colors such as blue, yellow and red add charm to dark wood decks and porches. Some hardware stores will rewire vintage lamps for a reasonable fee. Large items can be very cheap when you get them at garage sales. The later in the afternoon, the lower the price that you can negotiate. The seller would rather you buy the furniture–even for a small cost –and have you take it away, instead of needing to drag away the item himself.

Art Work

One man’s trash can become your wall hanging. Old wooden signs or window frames make very good wall decorations. Buy inexpensive prints or vintage post cards and set them in easy wood frames. Dried wild flowers pressed under glass make new unpretentious pieces of art. Collect drawings your children make and hang the framed pieces. Lake houses are about simplicity and delight, so exuberant, naive pieces fit also. Framed quilts make great decorations for places with high ceilings and lots of wall area.


Classic or breeding china displayed on open shelving makes a lake home kitchen look lovely and feel inviting. Install plate racks and display decorative plates on the wall. Baskets filled with pine cones make a cozy informal look and remind your visitor about character just outside the doorway. Dress up sofas and chairs with multiple colorful cushions. Cozy chenille throws or crochet blankets decorate the space and hot late night subscribers. Substantial decorative candles bundled in groups of three or five are both decorative and functional.

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Budget Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If you’re pining away to get a brand new kitchen but can not manage a professional remodeling job, don’t give up hope. By creating several inexpensive updates which don’t require a professional you may alter an old, dull kitchen to a stylish look. The best part of a kitchen update is that you will likely recover the vast majority of the cost of the update when you sell the house.

Paint the Room

Paint is one of the least expensive ways to alter the look and feel of a space. Decide on a theme for the kitchen, and select paint colour based on this subject. As an example, if you want a beach cottage theme for the kitchen, you may select blue or turquoise for those walls. If the kitchen is small with an average-height ceiling, opt for lighter colors to make a visually larger room. To help expand a little kitchen visually lift a low ceiling, paint the ceiling with bright, white paint. Utilize a semi-glossbright white paint on all trim design such as baseboards, crown molding, and door and window framing.

Update Your Carpets

If your cabinets need an update, and you can not afford to replace them reface themyou can find an updated look by painting the cabinets. Using the same bright white paint on cabinets since you did in your own molding will provide the space a clean, well-lit look. Once painted, you may also add stenciling or other colorful decoration to the cabinets to tie into the space motif. If your cabinets are made from good hardwood, and you do not want to pay them with paint, see whether you can afford new doors. Changing from a strong door to your door with a glass insert may have a huge impact on the look of your cabinets. If investing in brand new doors is outside of your budget, replace the cabinet hardware or add cabinet hardware to make a different look and feel.

Cabinet Backsplash

If you have the skill to install a ceramic tile backsplash, you may use the tile to enhance the theme or even make a focal point with special patterns or decorative tiles, but if you are not knowledgeable about tile-setting, then you may still achieve a decorative backsplash by using stick-on tiles. Tiles come in many different materials, types and colors, some more expensive looking than many others. One of those trendy styles in tiles is metal tiles, such as silver and aluminum. Selecting metal tiles that fit your cabinet hardware and kitchen fixtures is the best way to tie into the colors of this space and maintain a uniform theme.

Window Cornice

A window cornice is a good way to add colour to a room without using drapes or curtains which is going to need to be cleaned and pressed. A conventional cornice is a timber framework covered by lace and cloth, but you may make a cornice utilizing hard Styrofoam and a suitable adhesive to attach the other side pieces to the front. If you are handy with a needle and thread or a staple gun, pay seat cushions with exactly the same substance used on the cornice to combine the space together.

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12 Wonderfully Creative Coatracks

Here in Northern California’s Wine Country, fall is upon us. Crisp, chilly nights have been followed by hot, sun-drenched afternoons — we are often seeing 40-degree temperature shifts. Layering is the trick to dressing in this climate, so on most days I start with a jacket and muffler, and strip down to some T-shirt and shorts by noon.

This creates a coatrack a necessity for me. I wager it’s equally necessary for many of you — particularly if you still have kiddos at home. The big challenge is taking this lowly but essential entryway thing and which makes it a robust statement of personal style and history.

Jessica Risko Smith Interior Design

This exuberant coatrack offers a whole new interpretation of”hall tree.” Multiple stain colours and unique textures add to its interest, and the scale is ideal for this particular wall. You could get the exact same effect by painting the tree on the walls and then adding hooks into the branches.

Allison Lind Interiors + RE:LOCATE

An equally arresting style statement, this coatrack has a dark shade and unpretentious leaves and branches — combined with a constrained scale — that give it an”I’m modern, but I don’t take myself too badly” appeal.

What a superb take on the ubiquitous white beadboard hall built! The deep eggplant color warms and tantalizes, while just the bench’s and coatrack’s being constructed in keeps this very budget friendly. In case your own personal style is less daring, consider doing the identical thing but use a shade just a couple of ticks deeper than the surrounding walls.

Harper Design from HarperCollins Publishers

Eclectic, industrial, playful — that coatrack has it all. Everyday C-clamps grip a brightly colored painted shelf to shape hooks; the mixture of accessories makes it a feeling. I want to understand the story behind the squirrel!

Ira Lippke

This distressed and painted locker, with all of its amazing imperfections, would have been ideal for my sons, who never opened anything with their hands whenever they could use their toes. The simple fact that this is an old United Airlines locker bought off Craigslist gives it an instantaneous story.

If you like the Shabby Chic look, this older doorway will make you drool. The paint has been left as found: peeling and distressed. The glass panel has been taken away, saving rambunctious little hands from disaster. (As a grandma, I really love this.) The addition of hooks finishes the transformation from doorway to adorable.

Erich Ginder Ghost Antlers – $309

White antlers create a minimalist announcement, but the steel and wood dining table below completes the look by adding that vital dash of color and texture.

Scott Sanders LLC

Benches like this not only encourage you to sit down; they bring an awareness of history and connectedness to your house, while providing you a place to remove your shoes in comfort. The pièce de résistance in this entrance is the battered — but totally ideal — piece of wood that’s been made into a coatrack. I really like the way the dark wood of the pins relates to the seat and joins these disparate pieces together.

Fine Art & Portraits by Laurel

What do you do when you require a coatrack but don’t possess the depth for one on your entrance wall? Embed hooks into ornamental tile. There is almost no limitation to the fashions of tile available nowadays, so the outcome can be wholly private to you.

Consider how sophisticated this would be in black and white subway tile, or how rustic and charming in a countryside landscape with roosters.

Kelly Donovan

How about this magnificent solution into an awkward area under the stairs? The twisty branch, or perhaps it’s a piece of driftwood, placed along the slanted ceiling brings an organic feel to an otherwise dead space and creates a very functional coatrack.

Bob Greenspan Photography

Kudos to the homeowner for a very creative way to manage an entryless space. Not only does this étagère function as a pleasant area divider, in addition, it works great as a coatrack. This would be comparatively easy to custom build.

Becky Dietrich, Interior Designer

The very small bungalow I discuss with my husband, Mike, comes with three strikes against it. It has no guest cupboard, our landlord eschews any wall color but white, and the only spot for a coatrack is part of the living room.

In case you’ve got any of the very same issues, do not despair! We fashioned this coatrack out of a reproduction French butcher store sign and pine planks we painted a buttery lemon yellow. The classic Asian torso below not only functions as extra seating when we have a crowd, but hides shoes attractively. You can come across the hint at Gershwin & Gertie and those magnificent cast iron hooks at House of Antique Hardware.

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How to Conquer Your Toilet Right

The toilet is one of the only rooms in a multibodied household where we are expected and encouraged to lock ourselves inside. With that type of permission, it makes sense to use this private area as a luxurious sanctuary. Make the the majority of your haven by providing the proper lighting to it.

I talked with two lighting specialists about how best to change a bathroom into a relaxing, practical refuge with light. Here is their advice.

Randall Whitehead Lighting Solutions

The four kinds of light needed for the best toilet atmosphere are activity, accent, decorative and sparkle.

Task Lighting

Here is the light by which you can best see yourself. “Propertask lighting in the mirror is essential,” says lighting designer Randall Whitehead.

He recommends having a pair of sconces mounted at eye level on either side of the mirror to offer shadowless illumination. This creates the best scenario for makeup application, shaving, tooth care and so on.

Jennifer Gustafson Interior Design

Tip: Avoid adding a light over the mirror. That contains recessed lighting in the ceiling. “That would throw a strong light onto your forehead and cast deep shadows below your eyes, nose and chin,” Whitehead says. “Not only is this light ineffective for shaving or applying makeup, it can visually age you by a decade. Folks should look their best when they appear at their manifestation.”

Proper lighting in the bathroom will make you feel better about yourself and encourage confidence during your day.

Hughes Studio Architects

Wattage for task lighting. “In the master or guest bathrooms, use fixtures which offer 75 to 100 watts’ worth of lighting,” Whitehead recommends. “You can receive these wattage equivalents in a 24- to 26-watt compact fluorescent or 20- to 25-watt LED.”

Get the lowdown on energy-efficient LEDs

Tip: Placing task lighting on a dimmer will enable your eyes to correct first thing in the morning; it will also enable you to wind down during the night.

Urban Herriges & Sons, Inc..

Task light wattage in the powder room. Task lights in powder rooms can have much less wattage (think 45-watt range), as it is not a area where anybody will be performing the morning ritual. Lower wattage provides a milder, relaxing ambience for guests.

Find a color temperature which makes the room feel inviting and illuminates guests in the most attractive manner.

How light affects interior Colours

Juli Baier Interior Design

Accent Lighting

If you like art on your toilet, accent lighting will reveal it off best. Recessed directional lights deliver focused illumination for each piece of artwork — or, in this case, for an alcove dedicated to a sculptural bouquet of blossoms.

Besch Design, Ltd..

Decorative Lighting

This adds visual sparkle. Whitehead advises using one pendant in a square-shaped toilet for just the correct touch.

Jerry B Smith Photography

At a grand rectangular toilet, he recommends using two to three fittings installed across the ceiling airplane for sufficient lighting.

Xstyles Bath + More

Candles also offer wonderful sparkle and set a distinctly relaxing, intimate tone. Just make sure that you keep them well away from any flammable items, like towels and hair, and never leave them unattended.

Eduardo Hernandez Ch. Architect / CHK Arquitectura

Francesca Owings Interior Design

Ambient Light

This acts asfill light. “In bathrooms with taller ceilings, a cove or cantilever details, ambient lighting fittings can be installed along the outside of the space,” Whitehead says. “Architectural details like these can hide the fixture and create indirect illumination.”

A pendant fixture with a translucent shade can be a source of both decorative and ambient lighting.

Before Photo

Putting It All Together

Interior designer Katie Anderson altered the darkened toilet shown here in many ways, but one of the most significant — and many universally useful — has been bringing in light.

“Before, there weren’t enough light sources or proper fixtures to layer lighting,” Anderson says. “Additionally, there wasn’t any pure light.”

Her assignment: invent a lighting program which would light up the shower, tub and sink areas equally. Here is what she did.

Katie Anderson Interior Design Consultants

AFTER: Sconces on large mirrors in the sink vanities now offer practical task lighting. Recessed headphones on dimmers offer ambient lighting for any mood is desired. Dimmers are especially beneficial in the tub area, in which comfort and romance are priorities. Wall sconces offer additional ambient and ornamental lighting.

Katie Anderson Interior Design Consultants

Large mirrors, both in the dressing table and over the tub, effectively reflect each of these layered lighting sources for the best effect.

HOUSEworks Design/Build General Contractor

Whitehead suggests placing the fan and light on separate switches. “I don’t need the fan to continue automatically every time I go in to scrub my hands,” he states. Placing each light source — or even a logical combination of lighting sources — on various switches allows you to choose what you would like lit when.

Tip: Should you utilize recessed cans over the sink, then make certain they are on a different switch than your task lighting, as Anderson did.

How could your toilet use a light makeover?

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12 Stylish Solutions for Ugly Cat Furniture

user bridget1312 has asked a question which plagues all cat owners: “Does anybody know how to make a cat tree in the living area not this eyesore? I like my kitty and wish to purchase her a new cat tree, but all of them are so ugly and ruin the fantastic appearance … Any suggestions?”

It is correct, Bridget — when I think of cat trees, I believe of gloomy beige wall-to-wall carpet wrapped around poles and stapled into place. Cat lovers are discovering or producing trees with much more style and imagination, though; a few are even turning to their own architects and builders to think of a few very fun custom options. Listed below are a dozen readymade options in a assortment of styles, including Zen chic, nautical, contemporary as well as Eartha Kitt.


The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Bed, Bamboo – $169.99

This stylish cat perch combines the lines of an Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair with today’s popular renewable resource, bamboo.


Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree – $155.99

A cat perch should not take up space on the ground. Wall-mounted cat shelves may give kitty perching fun and precisely the climbing. This one has an extra shelf to the books, plants and collectibles.

Square Cat Habitat by Buddha – $99

Sometimes kitty just wants her own spot for leaping, perching and napping without all of the bells and whistles of condo rooms, swinging ropes and all of the rest. Without uglying up your space this simple shelf meets all of her wants.

Sebastian Modern Cat Tree – $289.95

This cat tree is completely Miesian; form follows function with clean contemporary lines. There are separate areas for kitty scratching, resting, hiding and exercising.


Elegant Feline Little Lotus Tower Cat Tree – $377.99

This curved perch is a location where Mr. Cat can get his Zen on, along with the blank lines and not-shaggy carpet won’t offend his guardian’s design sensibilities.

Tall Modern Cat Condo – $249.95

I think this cat condo would look smashing with some Barcelona chairs paired with some Eileen Gray side tables.

Tropical Flower Cat Tree – $300

Get in a playroom condition of mind when picking a cat tree. While I would not need this tropical blossom in my living space, it could really add some interesting style to a kids’ playroom or bedroom.

Deluxe Lighthouse Cat Tower – $944.10

There are plenty of themed cat condos on the market. This lighthouse version does not have a cat-condo look and adds some pleasure.

Safari Cat Gym – $144

I have named this one the Eartha Kitt Cat Tree. Glam faux animal print is a great deal better looking than shaggy wall-to-wall beige carpeting.


Metropolitan Pet Bed by LazyBonezz, Ebony – $399.99

Check out this cat bunk mattress if you’d like your cat furniture to resemble people furniture.

Juliette Wall Shelf, Yellow – EUR 299

Where somebody had the idea of using it for a few kitty staircase-climbing fun I came on Modern Cat.


Elegant Feline Cat Clouds Cat Shelf, Titanium – $129.99

This titanium wall-mounted set of cat shelves is slick and sturdy. You can buy several and make a cat climbing wall.

Inform us Have you made your own cat condo, staircase, shelf or other perch? In that case, please post images. A number of those best-looking cat furniture I found on the web came from smart DIYers who created their own answers to this design dilemma.

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Windsor Chairs Join the Mod Squad

What is more conventional than a Windsor chair? Not much … except when the seat gets a makeover which gives it a fresh, new attitude. Contemporary interpretations of the centuries-old icon retain the distinctive spindles, splayed legs and graceful lines of their cousins — but that’s where the similarities end. New profiles, hot paint colours and modern materials carry Windsor design right up to the present.

Each version of the Windsor chair in these spaces stays true to the soul of the first, but all are uniquely suited to their surroundings. What do you believe about these updates? Tell us in the Comments section.


This stripped-down space reflects a contemporary take on rustic lodge style. The wood-burning stove and Windsor-inspired chairs infuse the space with a hint of countryside soul, while the neutral palette and minimalist surfaces communicate urban cool.

Terrat Elms Interior Design

With sharp, smooth planes and light paint, these chairs have a Scandinavian sensibility. They’d look perfect in a midcentury modern interior, refreshing in a candy cottage and ultrasleek in a conventional setting.

Jeanette Lunde

With exaggerated tapering along with a coat of quite pink paint, a set of Windsors adds a light touch to an eclectic collection of artwork and artwork.

Neiman Taber Architects

Paint does wonders to teach these chairs tricks. Dressing every person in a different pastel hue gave them a joyous and accumulated air and offset their conventional form.

KKC Fine Homes

These barrel-back Windsor chairs have to be extra comfy — I imagine the curved profile feels like a gentle hug.

Windsor Chair – $625

Extra-long legs, sexy bright colours and a minimum of spindles put a contemporary twist with this new-generation Windsor layout.

Modern Windsor Accent Chair – $399

This low-slung version, which is just right for an Asian-inspired space, takes a casual approach.

Hand-Painted Windsor Chair – GBP 225

Together, they’re like the most adorable paint deck you can imagine. Mix and match colours or pick a single unexpected shade to jolt a staid dining room.


Dip Chair – GBP 395

It has two trends in one. This long-legged beauty combines an updated form using a dip-dye paint therapy.

More: On Trend: 10 Ways to Dip Dye

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Deluxe Expandable Dining Tables Make Room for More

It’s true that you have a dining table large enough to seat your family. But when guests come, do you end up squeezed in so tight you devote the meal together with Uncle Bob’s elbow in your ribs? If your cut-off age for who gets stuck at the kids’ table is 35, then you may want a dining table that develops with all the guest list.

An expandable dining table is available in every style, so there’s one just right for you. Before you go shopping, think about these design elements that will assist you opt for the most suitable one.

Brownstone Furniture

Sienna Dining Table

I’ve always loved round dining tables best since they make it simple for everyone to see and speak with one another. Most of the time, as soon as a round table contains leaves, it becomes oblong, which gives you those horizontal sides. But this one …

Brownstone Furniture

Sienna Dining Table

… turns to a larger table. Brownstone’s Sienna Table goes from a 56-inch diameter, which seats four to six individuals, up to a 72-inch diameter, which seats 10. The style is so straightforward and timeless it’ll work with conventional or transitional decor. Individual soft felt bags are provided to protect the extensions from scrapes while stored.

Astrolab Dining Table

Is modern more your preference? Roche Bobois is known for its sleek styling. Its Astrolab glass expansion table has integrated leaves and an exposed system of gears that could earn a Swiss watch proud. Operated by a battery-run motor with remote controller, you just push a button to expand this table. The remote performance is so cool, you might have the ability to entice the sport enthusiasts in their death-grip on the TV remote and football watching long enough to come eat dinner.

The Hickory Chair Furniture Co..

Newport Dining Table Top

Do you regularly throw big dinner parties? Hickory Chair’s Newport Dining Table is available in lots of sizes, such as a behemoth that begins at 10 feet long and expands up to 18 ft, which will seat 20 people. It utilizes three pedestals rather than the two you see here. Casters on the pedestals make it a lot easier to maneuver it into another position if you want to expand to the complete size — a nice feature on this a long table. I’m sure I’m not the only person who expands my dining table in the dining room to the living room once I want to seat more people.

Urbanspace Interiors

Were you aware there are no legs on the edges of this table for in the way of the seats? Selecting a table with a pedestal base keeps your knees bruise-free. Click on this photo and adhere to the green tags for resource information.

Vanguard Furniture

Vanguard Dining Table

Vanguard’s base dining table is the essence of contemporary style that is warm. The slim base guarantees that nobody might need to sit straddling a table leg.


Airport Extra-Long Extending Table

Many tables with legs at the corners have extensions that add on to the ends while the legs stay put. I really don’t enjoy those since it means someone gets stuck with a leg pressing sideways into a leg ; or worse, they all have to sit with a table between their knees. Calligaris was more intelligent than that if it designed the Airport Extra Long Extending Table. The legs stay at the corners when the table is pulled to its full length, an impressive 102 inches seating 10 people.

A couple of different things I love about this table are the self-storing extension leaves, which eliminate the need to locate somewhere to keep part of your table the remainder of the year. I also love that one person can open or close this table, thanks to its telescoping mechanism. A movie on Calligaris’ site shows how simple it’s to use. Another real plus is that this table compacts to 51 inches. That will fit in the smallest dining areas leaving you with plenty of space when the guests go home.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

This dining table designed by yours truly also keeps its legs at the corners when extensions are inserted into the center.

How large should your table be?

A great rule of thumb would be to allow 24 inches per person, but it doesn’t always work. See that the seats round this table are all armchairs. To keep individuals from getting their seats banging into every other’s, I allowed more distance.

The side of this table is 6 ft long, and you may observe that only two people may sit on a side because of the larger armchairs. With armless seats, three individuals could sit on every side. Also keep in mind who is coming to dinner. If you’ve invited your local football team, then they will require space for those broad shoulders. If children are found, then you can sit two in an end using a bench or banquette.

Brownstone Furniture

Monterey Table

Tables with expansion leaves are not the only way to handle business for holiday meals. What if you bought two fitting square tables with a level edge similar to that one from Brownstone that could sit side by side?

Brownstone Furniture

Monterery Table

You can use one as your routine vanity, and the next one may normally serve as a match table in the family room. Although I wouldn’t suggest this solution to someone who has dinner guests often, it might be an ideal solution for people who have a dinner party once or twice annually.

Elad Gonen

If everything else fails, the magic of a floor-length tablecloth will allow you to combine pretty much any tables to create one table for your whole party.

I really don’t understand what is under this tablecloth, and that’s the genius of it. It might be a rather high-end table or it might be six folding card tables end to end.

Here is my most important tip on enlarging your table for a successful dinner party: locate a means to seat everyone collectively comfortably — even if that means folding tables or placing your table at the living room briefly — and let everyone know how glad you are they arrived. Pour on the wine and unwind!

Tell us Have you come up with an innovative means to seat a large group at once? As always, I love to hear about your options and see your pictures.

Read more expansion tables at the Products section

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On Trend: Eiffel Tower Angles Anchor Dining Tables

Look at those legs! Every table that has been catching my eye this fall sports tilted legs and architectural metal details. As if I didn’t long for a weekend in Paris now, today all I could think about is the wide-legged stance of a popular cultural icon: the Eiffel Tower.

The arched, leggy appearance of the tables helps them seem especially sturdy — as though they could weather any mealtime maelstrom. Surprisingly, the angles and generally thin legs additionally keep things looking light in the dining room. Forget square or round; these tables mimic the Eiffel Tower’s own geometric footprint. And the angled legs give your personal legs extra room to stretch after that eight-course meal, when you’re all set to enjoy your second glass of wine.


Magis Baguette Table – $1,979

This dining table oozes sleekness and minimalism, with legs so skinny they might disappear completely once it is surrounded with your favorite upholstered dining seats — that’s a good thing!

Room & Board

Ventura Dining Table – $1,799

The subtle arch along the bottom of the Ventura table reinforces that Eiffel vibe. But the piece feels beautifully contemporary.

Restoration Hardware

Flatiron Bar Table – $695

This table appears like it was pulled out of an artist’s garret with its own views of the Eiffel Tower. Longing to get a major loft room, it could anchor bright colours and modern objects with its industrial lines.


Ikea PS 2012 Dining Table – $179

This cheap yet weatherproof Ikea dining table is among the best options out there. Clean and modern but still quite homeowner favorable, it is going to share space with you in the kitchen without alienating anyone.


Taverna Dining Table – $1,499

The strong lines and sturdy angles of this Taverna dining table make it ideal for a traditional dining area. Insert a modern dose of vivid colors with attachments to brighten up things.

Pottery Barn

Hendrix Big Smart Technology Desk – $1,199

This desk has a strength that provides power to the individual sitting behind it. Sturdy and weighty, it has lighter wood tones and a rough-hewn complete that keep it casual enough for any home office, low or high.

West Elm

Mix + Match Table – $799

Mix and match your tabletops and legs with this modern piece. Straddling your dining room easily, it can hold up to the curvy modern dining chairs you have had your eyes.


Shanghai Dining Table – $699

The Shanghai table handles to station both the Paris and China in exactly the same time. Would you see the sloping angles of a conventional temple in these legs?

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Some of my favourite designs are coming out of Australia. Whether it’s stunning contemporary architecture, just the right quantity of collected/eclectic within an inside, a verdant landscape or charismatic bloggers full of creative ideas, the ideas coming from Down Under are inspiring and unique. Get inspired by these five houses which include all of the above and more.

More Australian design: Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane

Sam Crawford Architects

1. A improvement in Sydney. This house’s new wing was created by Sam Crawford Architects. This open, light-filled space serves several functions, including living room, art gallery, library and dining area.

Sam Crawford Architects

1 stunning design detail in the space is that this laser-cut timber panel. The design was swiped in the customers’ collection of Scandinavian hand-painted ceramic tiles.

Sam Crawford Architects

Using natural light and opening to the outdoors drove the design, which carefully considers all of the relationships between inside and out. As you can see here, doors completely open up the space to the courtyard, and the border between the two serves as a bench.

See the rest of the home

Jennie Hunt

2. An eco-friendly retreat in the bushland. Traveling to another side of this island, this lovely home is located in the bushland, on the northern outskirts of Perth. The construction is rammed ground and has been designed for maximum energy efficiency.

Jennie Hunt

The living area’s chalkboard wall is constantly shifting, depending on who is visiting.

Jennie Hunt

Sited close to the Indian Ocean, sets of natural objects picked up on shore strolls decorate the home.

See the rest of the home

Atypical Type A

3. A couple’s brilliant townhouse in Adelaide, South Australia. Intelligent blogger Atypical Type A’s home is full of midcentury modern locates and smart DIY projects. In the master bedroom, then the wavy lamp on the right came , then she found the bedding which coordinated with it.

Atypical Type A

Instead of registering for a ton of cut vases, salad tongs and platters as wedding presents, the couple’s guests produced a pool of cash for them to commission a work of art from an artist that they loved (Danish artist Pabi).

Atypical Type A

An inviting patio provides a secluded spot for dining. It is quite a transformation; when the couple moved , the spot was”devoid of anything living.” They included the planters and bamboo screening, the mirror-backed iron candle sconce holder along with the outside dining furniture, which includes curvaceous Panton chairs.

See the rest of the home

Secret Gardens

4. A stunning landscape style in Sydney. This website presented spectacular views and a series of challenges to landscape design firm The Secret Gardens of Sydney.

Secret Gardens

Connections between the terraces as well as opinions from inside to out were considered in the design of this landscape.

Secret Gardens

The website contains a series of outdoor rooms at several degrees, surrounded by lush plantings and comfortable outdoor furniture like the Orbit from Dedon. This round lounge even has a canopy you can pull up to provide shade and solitude.

A Beach Cottage

5. A shore cabin makeover in Sydney. Among our very first Tours has been with Sarah, the blogger behind A Beach Cottage. While her home (and our interview arrangement ) has evolved since this meeting posted, I love perusing her easy-breezy beach style.

A Beach Cottage

Painting a vintage trunk and suitcase white and stacking them created a unique and functional nightstand.

Utilizing a simple neutral palette of white and tan allows a variety of interesting textures to stand out.

See the rest of the home

Interview: Vivian’s Delightful Sydney Home
The Outdoor Comes Inside Down Under
Interiors for Easy living in Australia
5 Inspiring Homes in the Chilly North

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Large-Scale Pieces Give Small Cabinets Huge Style

If you’re furnishing a tiny room, chances are your instinct is to maintain the furniture small also. But that strategy can translate into a space which feels cluttered and precious, as though it belongs in a dollhouse. It might sound counterintuitive, but try the other tack: Overscale furnishings, art or fixtures can actually make a room feel bigger instead of smaller, and they evoke an air of warmth and relaxation. Use these approaches to pull the look off.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Utilize the mirror effect. If there’s a trustworthy suggestion for opening up a tiny room, it’s adding a massive mirror. This one is massive, but the manifestation makes it feel transparent, therefore it does not seem like it hulks within the space. In fact, it provides enough visual expansion to permit for an overscale table as well.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Keep the footprint small. This is one of the great secrets of supplying a pint-size space: Bring in large-scale pieces which have a shallow footprint. This way, you are going to find the presence and gravitas of overscale furniture without consuming too much floor area.

Juxtapose bigger furnishings with spacious vistas. Were this tall secretary tucked from two solid walls, it may have loomed too large for the space. Nevertheless, the adjoining window allows the eye to travel to the exterior perspective, which helps to make the impression of more space and to produce the secretary feel suitable in scale.

Andre Rothblatt Architecture

Proceed vertical. Small rooms often have more space on the walls than on the floors. In this Lilliputian kitchen, an oversized range hood, a full wall of shelving and hanging pot racks free up sufficient room underfoot to put in a good-size butcher block island.

Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

Pick curved bits. Rounded tables, corners and other components occupy less visual space than furnishings with sharp corners. This dining room would feel a whole lot more cramped with a rectangular dining table.

Lauren Gries

Be creative with placement. In a perfect world, you would not be required to block a window or obstruct a pathway with all furniture. But in tiny rooms, sometimes you want to break the rules. These homeowners managed to squeeze a full size bed into this narrow bedroom by backing it against the window. By keeping the headboard light and open, they have allowed as much sunlight to penetrate as you can.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Channel your inner minimalist. This built in credenza dominates the small bedroom, but it works because its size removes the need for additional case merchandise.


Keep the palette . What makes this towering headboard, oversize folding display and grand bed work? A coordinated color scheme of grey, white and black, which prevents any single component from quitting the eye. High-contrast colours would have created more visual separation and made the room feel fuller.

8 Great Neutral Color Palettes for the Bedroom
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