Homemade Fungicide for Seedlings

Damping-off disease dampens a gardener’s mood quickly. You’re going to get a sinking feeling yourself when you see rows of seedlings keeling over. You can often forestall the issue — caused by fungi in the soil — from sowing your seeds on top of sterile seed-starting mixture, covering them with milled sphagnum moss, sand, or chicken grit, and watering them from the bottom. When it’s too late for this, you might be able to save seedlings that haven’t succumbed yet with the assistance of homemade fungicides.

The Spice of Life

Because cinnamon is just a natural antioxidant, it can stop or halt damping-off disease in your seedlings. Since powdered charcoal has also been recommended for this purpose, you might choose to concoct a double-strength fungi-fighting formula by combining 1 part cinnamon with 1 part charcoal. Sprinkle a light dusting of the powder above the surface of the ground or seed-starting mixture and leave it there until the seedlings are big enough for transplanting.

A Bottle of Bubbly

Hydrogen peroxide, the bubbly liquid you use to clean wounds and scrapes, also relaxes the clocks of the fungi that cause damping-off disease. To implement it, mix 1 tbsp of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide — the kind usually sold in drug stores — with 1 gallon of water. Spray the surface of the soil or seed-starting mixture with the solution or set the seedling container at about 1 inch of that solution, until it’s drawn up through the drainage holes and also lightly dampens the surface.

Only One’s Cup of Tea

A cup of tea is going to have a bracing effect on your seedlings if you create it using a antioxidant herb or herbs. Because you want the tea to be more powerful than what you drink, use extra bags or steep the tea for a longer time than you normally would. For instance, steep three chamomile tea bags in 1 cup of boiling water for 20 minutes, or steep two bags in that cup for many hours. Nettle or clove teas also kill fungi. Again, either mist your soil or seed-starting mix with the water or tea the seedlings’ container from the bottom with it.

The Garlic Cure

Like vampires, fungi too can be repelled with garlic. Chop or sterilize a clove of the herb, then drop the resulting slivers into 1 gallon of water, and let them soak overnight. The morning after, strain the garlic pulp from the water and use the water to mist or even bottom-water your seedling flat.

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Utility Fabrics That Move the DIY Distance

Linen, muslin, fall fabric and duck cloth are all inexpensive and versatile options that can help you revamp a room. Since these materials are usually neutral in color, are durable and can be located at many cloth, craft and hardware stores, they are fantastic for DIY jobs. Maintain several yards of your favorite cosmetics cloth on hand, and you will always be prepared when an idea presents itself.


Most utility cloths have a rougher texture, which is great for decorators and designers that are looking to add textural interest to a room. This rough linen bedding has a French-countryside feel.

Rough Linen

Linen delivers a lovely way to add a timeless touch to jobs and crafts. Fine linen can be pricey, but you can also find less expensive linen that works well for many home jobs. It’s very durable and ready to wick moisture, but it is also a material that readily wrinkles.

Try linen on your mattress for a gentle and inviting duvet cover. Its natural fibers make it a healthy and comfortable fabric choice.

Yvonne McFadden LLC

Upholster a headboard or pay part of a wall with linen to revamp a bedroom with an elegant focal point. A upholstery brads refines the appearance.

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors


Fashion designers usually cut their garments from muslin for a test drive before they sew their final pieces. Muslin is affordable and frequently gets lost. However, there’s beauty in this inexpensive cloth — the natural color gives it a vintage quality without the vintage price. It dyes well and is soft and comfy, lightweight, simple to sew and exceptionally versatile.

As seen with this ruffled shower curtain, muslin is excellent for all sorts of home DIY jobs. It’s a neutral base that can be enhanced with paint, dye, stitched details or rubberized.


Fall Fabric

Drop fabric is similar in color and texture to muslin and is also very inexpensive. Muslin can be discovered at any fabric shop, while fall cloth can be purchased at a home improvement or paint shop. It’s a lot thicker and stiffer than muslin, therefore it is not the best choice for jobs with little details. Nonetheless, it’s water resistant, and its durability is a shield against rips and tears. Use it outside for backyard and patio DIY jobs, like this draped color on a gazebo .

Lauren Liess Interiors

Much like muslin, drop fabric is neutral and easy. You may choose to add depth or color to integrate it better with your decor. This talented DIYer stamped a pattern onto a big sheet of fall cloth and draped it on the infant’s crib. Initially an inexpensive utility cloth, it’s now transformed into a glamorous textile.

Mustard Seed Interiors

This is another creative use for fall cloth: upholstering furniture. Many times, conventional upholstery fabric is very expensive, so this could be an affordable and durable option. If the thought of white furniture is daunting, dye the cloth a darker color first.


Duck Fabric

Duck cloth, that is made from cotton fibers, is also known as canvas. Like drop fabric, it is very durable, thick and stiff, making it a choice for outdoor jobs.

Although it’s not as soft as muslin, it is still simple to dye and sew. Cotton duck are available at fabric stores, and it is usually available in basic colors. The natural structure of duck cloth makes it work well as a decorative lampshade, like in this undertaking.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Duck cloth is water resistant, so it is ideal for a DIY shower curtain. With a curtain linertreated or treated with a waterproofing spray, then it works well anywhere in the restroom.

Ecofriendly Fabrics Make the Cut

Decorate With Burlap

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Blended Doors for Standout Style

If you want to create a smooth, uninterrupted aesthetic to your space, you might be missing one element that could really complete your look: the blended door. The blended door (not a technical term) is essentially a door that blends directly into the wall application. Visual interruption is prevented by this sense of unity in the aesthetic.

Check out these photos for inspiration. Blink and you might miss these sneaky blended doors.

Sophie Azouaou

Not merely is this bedroom soothing in soft blues and neutrals, but also the blended door prevents any distractions from this tranquil space. Notice the way the designer attained the look by continuing the architectural detailing the door and painting it the same shade as the walls.

LLC, Huestis Tucker Architects

Look very carefully at the corner to the right of the fireplace. Can you make out the door that is blended? Again, since the architectural detailing is continuing over the door, you hardly see the door in any way.

LASC Studio

Slanted walls may make a room feel constricted; the very best way to counterbalance that is using a clean aesthetic that won’t confuse the attention. Here, a fresh door is cut directly from the wooden wall. With no noticeable handle, you might walk clean past it.

A fast glance at this space and you may think, “Oh, what beautiful paneling surrounding the fireplace …”

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

… only to be amazed that one of these panels is really a door. Creating the same panel layout on each side of the fireplace accounts the space, regardless of whether the left side opens as a door or not.

Birdseye Design

After the timber paneling used for your door is transported across the space, the eye reads it as a layout element versus a door.

Schwartz and Architecture

Another way to help the door blend in is by extending the material past the door itself. Here, the wood paneling is continuing between the two doors and past their borders.

Narofsky Architecture + ways2design

The track probably gives away this door, but nonetheless, a sliding door in precisely the same material as the wall provides a coordinated appeal.

Farinelli Construction, Inc..

You can disguise your pantry door using a chalkboard in addition to mimic cabinetry on the floor. Visitors will be amazed when they visit compose a note and the door falls open to an additional room.

Amy Jesaitis

Really want to trick your customers? Wallpaper directly over the door. Friends and family will be delighted by your smart design.

Hidden Nooks and Secret Passageways

The First Impression: Cool Doors

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Sensible Style for Your Holiday Powder Room

Your powder area is a great area to express your imagination and pleasure your customers, particularly at holiday time. As it is likely to be modest, you’ll get more bang for your bathroom design buck here than anywhere else in your residence. By way of example, you just need one fantastic sink and faucet and no expensive tub or shower fittings. Take the opportunity to luxe out! Paint it a vibrant color. Add a decorative lighting fixture and drape it with holiday greenery. Below are a few sensible style tips for creating your powder room fun and functional this season.

Webber + Studio, Architects

If you’re contemplating freshening up your powder room this season, consider painting it at a holiday bright color like red or green. You will add a strong punch to your area that will carry you well into the new year.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Winthrop Guest Towel Holder – Bed Bath & Beyond – $19.99

Be sure your powder room has a guest towel holder. There’s definitely one available on your style and complete! This is a superb time of year to fill them with guest towels in holiday colours for a fun accent.

Linens ‘n Things

Christmas Central Pack of 6 Red Flameless LED Wax Christmas Battery Operated Pil – $91.99

I love candles, but just where I will continue to keep a close eye on these. Together with the traffic your powder room is likely to see during holiday season, I recommend flameless candles as a milder choice. They don’t all give you odor, but they won’t set your house on fire .

Faiella Design

Consider replacing regular flowers with seasonal selections and adding seasonal guest towels and accessories to set the tone for the holiday entertaining.

Contemporary Bathroom Faucets – $348

I like sensor taps for spaces. They decrease the spread of germs and decrease water waste. The important thing is finding one in a style and finish that works with your powder room’s overall aesthetics. Right now, there is still more option in the modern end of this spectrum, but that’s slowly changing.

Elad Gonen

Do not make your holiday guests wonder where the extra bathroom tissue are available. Add appealing lidded baskets in accessible space, like below this spacious console sink, with rolls of additional paper. If you’re so inclined, you can probably find some on your beloved holiday-themed color.

Restoration Hardware

Campaign Hook | Restoration Hardware – $36

Though your holiday guests probably won’t be disrobing on your powder room, a hook that may hold a handbag or jacket would be appreciated. Choose one in a style and finish that matches your space. If you’re tight on space, hang on the rear of a non-pocket doorway.

Pottery Barn

Kensington Pivot Mirror – $199

I like pivot mirrors for powder rooms, as they let guests of all heights have complete visibility. There are so many styles, sizes and finishes available today you’ll probably have no trouble finding one that works to your area.

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