Houzz Tour: An Cottage Using a Vintage Twist

For many homeowners, decorating your house in all-vintage can be a difficult sell. However, for artist and blogger Paula Mills, it is a necessity. “My personality has always been vintage eclectic,” she states. “I try hard to avoid new products. Why go out and purchase brand new things, when you can enjoy something in your house that’s already been pre-loved, filled with character, and are part of a age where matters were created to last?”

Mills’ house is situated in Warrandyte, a small wooded suburb north of Melbourne, Australia. Mills and her family moved to the house lately, and were drawn to its lush environment, backyard space, and neighboring nature reserve. Mills used a combination of finds from flea and craft markets, charity shops, and products located on travels to make a welcoming house that’s anything but ordinary.

Sweet William

Mills located her retro-pink vintage dining table and seats at an auction in South Africa. The pendants over the dining table were being thrown out at an art college in Melbourne — Mills stopped by just in time to save four of them for her dining and living room spaces.

This spacious living room is Mills’s favourite room in the house. It’s a completely open program, with the kitchen, dining area and living spaces all connected. “It’s filled with light, and the core of our house,” says Mills.

Sweet William

On the other side of the dining and kitchen area, there’s another living area with a balcony and view overlooking a canopy of trees. Another salvaged pendant light direct the eye out of the dining table over to the living area. Mills’ look is an extremely personal mixture of vintage and industrial style. Nothing in her home is cookie cutter — each piece is exceptional.

Sweet William

Mills found that the black couch whilst on a visit to London. The sofa is topped with a few cushions from Etsy, and a few cushions made of fabric from South Africa. The ground lamp was located at a junk store in Melbourne, and the industrial countertop was bought from Kabinett Vintage.

As for your amazing distressed fireplace? Surprisingly, it didn’t come with the house. “I found the fireplace at a junk store on the way back from a camping trip,” says Mills. “Happily we had a trailer . I simply strapped the older Victorian wooden fireplace , and took it home!”

Sweet William

These retro stools add a pop of color to the bright white of the home’s floors and walls. A vintage advertising blackboard from the kitchen was a lucky flea market find that assists when writing last-minute grocery lists.

Sweet William

Mills found this 1950s kitchen cabinet at a local charity shop, and filled it with her vintage dish collection to complete the look.

Sweet William

The intricately carved bed frames at the children’s area were located at an antique store in Johannesburg, South Africa. “I feel like it is essential for our house to reflect who we are as a household,” says Mills. “We’re creative, enjoyable, messy and relaxed. We also wished to get the most from our environment by enhancing space and light.”

Sweet William

The original floors in the house were an orange and very knotty pine, as were most of the cupboards and the staircase in the photo above. Even though it was not sensible to stay clean, Mills decided to paint it all white. “It’s brightened up the entire house,” she states. “It’s worth the extra sweeping I have to do!”

Sweet William

Though a number of the artwork in her house is the end result of years of collecting, a lot of it can be a portion of Mills’ work. Mills runs both her website, Sweet William, along with an Etsy art and accessory store with her sister.

Sweet William

Mills’ bedroom is as eclectic as the rest of her house, but it also has a relaxing and calming sensibility. The organized chaos of the other chambers is left behind here. The vanity was a lucky find ($50!) By a local charity shop. The candy wire”amour” was found while Mills was on vacation in Ireland.

Sweet William

In lieu of the traditional nightstand and table lamp set up, Mills’ husband installed simple bulb pendants on both sides of the mattress. A colorful banner plus a painting salvaged in the local rubbish store add cheer and Mills’ signature quirky design to the space.

Sweet William

A mix of Mills’ own artwork and vintage finds sit over the mantle in her office. “I love the notion of giving fresh life to something that has been destined to get the landfills,” she states. “I have really enjoyed the blank canvas of the house, and incorporating all of our pieces of colour, texture, and patterns.”

Sweet William

Mills’s studio at her house functions as a place for her to work on her art, collages, and stitching for her store. A craft table holds supplies for present and future projects.

While Mills loves her new home, like every homeowner, she can’t help but daydream about what could make it ideal. “I’d love to make the rooms a bit bigger,” she states. “And maybe one day I could open the ceiling.”

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Your Bath: Faucet Finale

Therefore, you’ve built the vanity of your bathroom . Next stop: hardware. From the sea of options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by this choice. Single-lever mixer or two-handle? Stainless steel or nickel? Electronic or wall-mounted? What do any of these even mean? Do not worry, there’s hope: Start by familiarizing yourself with the choices while analyzing your counter and sink situation. Survey your design strategy and think about what styles will enhance it. By taking it one step at a time, you will be well on the road into a vanity with all right components.

Ward-Young Architecture & Planning – Truckee, CA

Complement your d├ęcor. This bathroom’s organic undertones mix boldly with the rustic look of the wall-mounted faucet. Vessel sinks often require wall-mounted faucets; make certain to take into account the size of the faucet in connection to the sink and surrounding accessories when choosing this route. Everything needs to be in proportion.

John Maniscalco Architecture

Wall-mount the faucet into the mirror’s frame. If you’ve decided on a wall-mounted faucet, consider installing it in the base of the mirror’s frame. It pulls the look together and feels just like one complete scheme. Make sure you take into account the length of the spout. In general, the reach has to be longer than traditional faucets to hit a vessel sink.

4R Builders, LLC.

Go brief and sweet with just a spout. Get uber modern with a faucet featuring only the spout. So it seems, mount the lever hidden.

Webber + Studio, Architects

Choose a exceptional take on a traditional fashion. Three-hole faucets (those who contain individual controls for cold and hot water and require three holes for setup ) are a frequent option. Make yours different with a glamorous end that resembles gold. Bear in mind, quality faucets generally include a higher price but they’ll last substantially longer and save you time on cleaning and polishing.

Hann Builders

Have a look at brushed bronze. Brushed bronze finishes are chic and classic and bring a sophisticated allure into a bathroom. If you’re thinking brass, a high-gloss option is best: This type of brass is low-maintenance on account of how it is processed. Additionally, research your choices to find one that’s scratch-resistant.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Get sleek with a single-level mixer faucet. Also known as monobloc taps, those options control the temperature with a single knob and may be a great modern match to an already modern bathroom. Attempt to locate a faucet with ceramic disks and a broad operating angle for easy and precise control.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc..

Match the sink hardware into the tub hardware. When searching around a space, the eye will seek out similar topics to create an overall connection. Achieve cohesion in the bathroom by outfitting the sink and tub with the exact same hardware.

Celia James

Choose an enjoyable style to get a two-handle mixer faucet. Another traditional mode, the two-handle mixer faucets feature different handles for temperature controller but require only a single hole in the sink rim for installation. Jazz yours up with a modern spout and interesting handles.

Note: if you’re about to replace an present faucet, be sure to have your measurements right. An easy solution is taking your faucet with you to the store to compare sizes when shopping.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Put in your wall-mounted faucet directly into the mirror. Streamline your look by extending your mirror down to your vanity and put in your faucets directly into the mirror. Like any wall-mount design, pipework has to be concealed in the wall before completing the wall and hanging the mirror to achieve this look.

Consider a side installation. Who said the faucet has to be based behind the basin? Throw it off a bit by installing your faucet into the left or right of the sink and then pair it with a rectangular basin to balance the asymmetry. This works particularly well if your vanity is narrow; it’ll allow for a deeper sink.

Linda Medina Interior Design

Get colorful! Update a classic faucet with a coating of paint. Distress the final product a touch to keep its vintage appeal.


Consider a silver backsplash behind the faucet. It will produce the faucet appear to fade, leaving the sink and vanity as the focus.

Chelsea Atelier Architect, PC

Attempt a hands-free model. For quick and effortless hand-washing, consider a modern hands-free design with a movement sensor. Do not forsake safety for great design. Be certain your faucet includes built-in protection to prevent serious accidents.

Federalist Builders LLC

Complement the shape of your vanity. This extra long spout is a great contrast to this additional vanity.

Note: Purchasing taps occasionally ends in a lead time prior to shipping, so make certain to schedule it in your overall preparation.

Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

Consider a three-hole faucet design for free-standing sink. You may think it will occupy too much distance, but the scale of the design is in fact complementary to the narrow sink basin. Pair it with an oval mirror and chic light fixture to top off the off the look with a touch of elegance.

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