13 Energy Saving Tips To Reduce Your Heating Bills

We all spend a lot of money on energy but do you know that you can actually reduce your energy consumption without interfering with your comfort level. Even during the winter, you can still pull off the impossible. The easiest way to do this won’t be expensive either. What you should do it to inspect your house and look for common problem areas and then fix them. By doing this, you will have a warm house without spending a lot on energy.

Here are some ideas to guide you:

Replace Weatherstripping

Check around the windows and doors. When the weather stripping is torn or worn out, drafts are created, which easily allow in cold air. Around 12% of the heat loss in your home happens around the doors and windows. As a result, you will have to turn up your furnace to stay comfortable which will cost you a lot.

Adjust Door Thresholds

Look under your front door. You are losing a lot of air if you can see the daylight from underneath. Take note that this is air that you are already paying to AC repair Birmingham, AL. Your door should always be in contact with the threshold. If air passes through the door, this is a problem that needs to be fixed.

Eliminate Drafts On Electrical Boxes

In the exterior walls, the electrical boxes are known for drafting. Most of the time, this happens because the insulation around or behind them is not done properly. Inspect the electrical boxes and make sure that there’s no draft so the cold air won’t enter your house.

Plug Holes In Exterior Walls

Any pipe that penetrates the house through the wall is a potential risk for energy loss. This includes electric cables, gas lines, and pipes. Even the caulking around them will crack and peel off at some point. Inspect these holes and seal them off with expanding foam.

Use A Portable Heater

A good way of bringing down your energy bills is to turn off or down the furnace, and instead, use a portable heater. This would be the best option for a room like the living room.

Cover The Windows With Plastic Film

Your patio doors and windows should be covered with plastic film to reduce energy loss. In most homes, close to 25% of energy loss happens through the windows. When using plastic film, you will save around 14% on HVAC Birmingham, AL.

Block Chimney Access

Try and make sure the warm air does not escape through the chimney. When the fireplace is not being used, warmed air usually escapes through it. You can get an inflatable chimney balloon and block the flow of air outside.

Insulate The Attic Doors

Your attic might have been insulated properly, but not its door. The attic door may allow the warm air to escape through the hatch. On the attic side of your door, use adhesive to affix fiberglass insulation.

Seal Air Leaks In Ductwork

Over time, the ductwork, especially in the attic or basement, will need repair or replacement. Pay attention to the parts at the corners or the seams. You will end up saving between 20% and 30% when you do this.

Tune Up The Furnace And Fireplace

Have an expert fine tune your furnace and gas fireplace so that they can be more efficient. With proper air conditioning Birmingham, AL, your energy bills will reduce, and your furnace will serve you well for many more years.

Replace The Thermostat

When you are not in the house, program your thermostat to turn down automatically by 10-15 degrees. Over time, you will be saving around 10% on energy bills.

Make Use Of The Sun

Even during the winter, the rays of the sun will still get into the house. This is free energy, so take advantage of it. Besides, with the heat of the sun, you do not have to use your furnace all the time.

Lock Windows And Doors

When your windows and doors are not locked, cold air will flow into the house. You, therefore, will have to spend more on heating to keep the temperature consistent all through the house.