Can a Short Sale Change Your Credit?

If decreasing home worth leave you owing your lender more than your home is worth, a brief sale could be your best option. If your lender approves a brief sale, it allows you to market your home”brief” by marketing and selling the property at fair market value. Though short sales advantage homeowners stuck in upside-down mortgage loans, they have a negative effect on credit scores.


Short sales have a derogatory effect on your credit score, however, the amount of damage your credit will incur is dependent on how your lender reports the brief sale. Since there is no entry specifically for”short sale,” your lender can report the debt as”paid as agreed,””negotiated” or”settled.” Ideally, you need your lender to report your mortgage as”paid as agreed,” because this notation does not carry any adverse credit consequences. A negotiated or settled debt on your credit report is deemed derogatory both by the credit bureaus that decide your score and future creditors.


The number of credit points you stand to lose after a brief sale is dependent upon how high your credit score was once you initiated the procedure. The FICO credit rating formula is sensitive to small variations in credit history, which makes it impossible to forecast how much your credit score will suffer beforehand. You will lose as little as 50 points or as many as 200 points, depending on your history and how the bank reports that the transaction.

Time Frame

After upgrading your credit file, the bank has to include all information on your accounts in one transaction line. The Fair Credit Reporting Act stipulates that, with the exception of some public records, negative trade lines can remain on your credit accounts for no more than 7 decades. Following 7 years pass, all evidence of your short sale will evaporate from the credit report.


When calculating credit scores, the payment history carries a greater weight than any other factor. Thus, you can mitigate the damage your short sale does to your credit report in case you don’t miss any payments to your lender before selling the home. Additionally, the more recent a credit entry is, the greater effect it has on your credit score. As long as you practice good debt management after your short sale, the negative effect it has on your credit will decrease over time.


Participating in a brief sale rather than permitting the bank to seize your home through foreclosure is advantageous to you because it prevents a foreclosure notation on your credit report. A foreclosure listing automatically disqualifies you from being qualified for a new mortgage loan for a predetermined period of time, depending on the lending company. Mortgage purchaser Fannie Mae, as an instance, will not accept mortgage loans from creditors if the debtor lost a property to foreclosure over the last 5 to 7 decades. Although a brief sale damages your credit score, that damage isn’t as long lived as foreclosure injury, allowing you to be eligible for a new mortgage loan sooner.

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The Taming of the Screw

Screws are used today for a number of the fastening tasks once performed by nails. If a nail is set on a job nowadays, it’s generally done with a nail gun. Nail guns are fast, however if you are performing a DIY job, you might be unable to justify the cost for specialty nail guns for framing, finish work, roof and more.

Many home DIYers look to screws to satisfy fastening needs. 1 driver, a pair of hints and a couple of distinct screws may solve many problems around the home. But which screw to utilize? Learn here.

Buckminster Green LLC

Find the Ideal Screw for the Work

Have a stroll down the fastener aisle at the hardware store and you’ll encounter a dizzying array of screws. Flat head and pan head, Phillips, Robertson and Torx. Black, gray, blue and green. Brassy and silver #6, #8. What does it all mean? Begin with the simplest questions:

What exactly are you trying to connect? Wood to wood is a frequent task. What thickness is each bit of timber? If you want to fasten a 3/4-inch-thick bit of wood to some 11/2-inch-thick slice, you’re going to require a screw that’s at least 11/2 inches long (long enough to experience the 3/4-inch slice and also be embedded 3/4 inch in the other slice). Use a screw longer than two⅛ inches, though, and it may go directly through both materials.

Screws can pull into the wood also, so a two⅛-inch thread could actually pop out another side of two1/4 inches of timber.


What tools do you have? A cordless drill or driver is a helpful instrument. You may use it to drill pilot holes (a hole slightly smaller than the shaft of the screw which makes it a lot easier to push in the screw). Placing a magnetic drive guide and tip into the throw (the part that bites onto the drill bit or push manual) will help you screw in the fastener of your choice.

Even if you are pushing the screw by hand with a screwdriver, then it still helps to drill a pilot hole. If you’re using a driver or drill, try not to twist it too quickly — you may strip the screw head, and also the tip of this driver will not grip. This is particularly common with metal and stainless steel screws. Look for a setting in your driver which will keep the chuck from spinning when too much torque is needed, or get an effect driver.

Buckminster Green LLC

Types of Screws

Phillips screws. The most common and most useful screw thread is the flat-head Phillips outside screw, shown here.

“Phillips” refers to the the cross-shaped indentation from the flat head. It’s simpler to maintain the drill bit in a Phillips head than at a slotted head. The angled underside of the flat head means the screw thread will pull in the wood until the head is flush with the surface or slightly under (countersunk).

The gray color comes out of a coating which makes it an outdoor twist. If you are buying screws for several purposes, catch these. If you know the job is indoors, try Phillips matte black shingles; they have exactly the same form but no coating for weather resistance.

Fougeron Architecture FAIA

Coated screws. At times the color of the screw comes from the metal it is made from, like a brass screw (great for things like hinges, where the screws are seen, however soft, so push them carefully). But on occasion the twist’s color comes out of a coating.

There are various screw coatings which should be used for various applications — as with the majority of construction materials, it pays to read the instructions. Screwing cement board to a shower wall? There is a coating for that. Attaching composite decking to pressure-treated joists? There is a coating for that. There are ceramic coatings, epoxy coatings and glorified paint coatings.

If you drive a screw with a inexpensive coating into wood and then draw it out, you will see the coat will have worn off. This may lead to rust stains, like those shown in this picture. It doesn’t hurt the rustic, unfinished vibe of this rain screen with untreated wood, however when the coating wore off on pressure-treated timber, the compounds in the wood could cause the fastener to fail in a short time.

Jim Burton Architects

Square-drive and stainless screws. If you’re afraid of failure from pressure-treated substances, play it safe and use stainless steel screws. Stainless Appliances are now easily available and worth the added cost for outdoor jobs which need to last. Many stainless screws have what is referred to as a square drive instead of a Phillips head. This is what it sounds like: The pit the piece goes into is square shaped. To avoid stripping the screw, guarantee that the piece has a comfortable fit. Often there will be a bit from the box of screws so dig around for this.

Buckminster Green LLC

Pan-head screws. If you want to produce a wonderful finished appearance with a visible screw, use a pan-head screw thread. The head of the screws is rounded on the top and flat on the underside, so it doesn’t pull in the wood. You can also utilize a finishing washer with a flat-head screw, as shown in this picture. The screw fits into the washer, which keeps the fastener over the material. If you’re using stainless screws out, ensure that the washer is stainless also.

Trim-head screws. If you want your fastener to make a small influence in your complete work, use a trimming head screw. These will be square drive and also have a small head that’s just a bit wider than the screw. This lets it pull farther into the wood and leave a small hole and dimple from the timber.

Buckminster Green LLC

Blue screws. In the old times, when we desired to attach something to masonry, we needed to bang thick-cut masonry nails into the mortar or utilize a powder-actuated nail gun. These are not like nail guns powered by air — a frightening but comparatively quiet experience. All these are similar to real guns, together with gunpowder.

But today there’s another solution: blue screws. These screws are hard enough to be driven into molds without even breaking. Be sure to use the included masonry bit to drill the pilot hole (you will need a hammer drill to make the hole, which vibrates back and forth as it spins).


You can do virtually anything with a screw — even hang your coat on one! Remember that forcing a thread takes more time than hammering a nail, therefore if the job involves many screws, then you might choose to decide on a different fastening way of the occupation. But if you’re looking for exceptional holding power, a screw can’t be beat.

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Ultimate Vacation: 8 Rentable Homes Around the World

What do you get when you combine the simplicity of a luxury hotel, the liberty and privacy of a vacation rental, and a big dose of high fashion? Jaw-dropping apartments and homes available to rent for your next holiday. Going above and beyond the typical sandy-floored shore rental, these spaces are design destinations in and of themselves.

Have a peek inside those eight swoon-inducing rentals all around the world.

boutique-homes. com

1. Margaret River Beach House, Australia. This magnificent beach house is located near the world-class Margaret River surfing area, and boasts 180-degree views of the ocean from each room. Using a pantry support, your own private chef and housekeeping, you may enjoy the comforts of a property with all the advantages of a luxury hotel.

boutique-homes. com

The terrace and cantilevered balcony offer jaw-dropping views of the Indian Ocean and also front-row chairs for magnificent sunsets. More info

2. Dumbo Penthouse, Brooklyn, New York. This contemporary loft is an utterly glamorous home base from which to explore New York City. The smoky blue and gray color scheme and luxurious touches such as hide carpets and original art set this space aside.

The lounge-friendly living spaces, full laundry and kitchen help guests feel at home, and children of all ages are welcome.

Bonus: An iPhone is included with your stay, for becoming oriented with channels and making local calls. More info

boutique-homes. com

3. The Chromatic House, Portugal. This home in Torres Vedras, Portugal, is a visual confection with a different bright, bold hue in virtually every area. Produced by architect Pedro Gandanho, this townhouse might be the best escape for lovers of ultramod design. More info

4. Artsy Primrose Hill Townhouse, London. In the lemon-yellow stripes on the ceiling into the oversize contemporary art gracing nearly every wall, this London house exudes style. And since it’s four bedrooms, three baths and a private backyard, you could fit your whole clan. More info

5. Modern Villa, Tuscany, Italy. This breathtaking villa seamlessly combines new and old, rustic and tasteful. An infinity swimming pool beckons with stunning views of the amazing mountains, along with also an onsite gourmet chef is available to prepare luscious meals with local components.


With eight bedrooms and eight baths, multiple lounge areas and an outside pergola-covered dining area, the villa could make an unforgettable escape to the whole extended family — or a huge group of close friends.

The buttery showers have been stocked with cult-favorite Santa Maria Novella goods, and posh extras such as locally produced cashmere goodies await when you get out. More info

6. City Docks, London. This big, lofty space is decorated with chic, contemporary furnishings and contemporary art, and boasts a sauna area and theatre room. And should you spied only the inside, you would never guess you’re staying … on a houseboat!

Once utilised to carry coal along the Seine, this vessel was converted into a spacious, contemporary home on the water. It’s hard to imagine a more unusual place to stay — right in the heart of London. More info

7. Modern Family Loft, Manhattan. Having a woman’s room, boy’s room and playroom (along with the master suite) this airy, contemporary loft in the Flatiron area has everything a hip traveling family could possibly want. More info


8. The Balancing Barn, England. Crafted by Dutch design firm MVRDV, this cantilevered house near the Suffolk coast is sure to send contemporary design lovers over the moon.


A stunning feat of design, the Balancing Barn appears to float above the surrounding landscape. More info

Inform us : Which space is your favorite? Would you ever try a design-centered rental for your holiday?

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7 Ways to Let Your Cabinets and Dine You

Traditional houses normally have a formal dining area, but today’s more spacious designs frequently combine an eating place with the kitchen. Some smaller houses do not have the room for a big dining table in any way. But if you have room for a kitchen island, you have a great deal of alternatives for gracious dining, too.

Palmerston Design Consultants

Dine in the heart of the kitchen. “We love to use islands to get more intimate dining experiences,” says Dana Lyon, principal at Palm Design Group. “When possible, use the kitchen island to get seating four-plus individuals; this permits for the best flexibility for your dining room.”

The Refined Group

Outfit the island using a sturdy surface. Because your kitchen island doubles as a prep station, go to get a durable coating. In this kitchen, made by Palm Design Group, Lyon utilized resilient Caesarstone to top the island. “It’s a more conventional edge so as to mimic the look of limestone,” she states.

Know more about engineered quartz countertops

Kuhl Design Build LLC

Furnish the island like a dining table. “Rather than using standard-sized stools at an island place, use an oversized, stylish design that allow your guests to sit comfortably through a meal as they would at a formal dining table,” says interior designer Claire Ownby. “With an upgraded or plush fabric on the stools could make the chairs feel more lavish.”

Tina Kuhlmann

Amp up the lighting fixtures. Pendants are generally a go-to kitchen lighting source, however, a statement-making option will place a more elegant, dining area–like tone. “Try with a exceptional dining room to make the room feel much more formal,” says Ownby. “Make sure the fixture is on a dimmer so that it can be functional for multiple uses.”

Antique Building Materials, Inc..

Choose decorative variations of functional pieces. If you want your kitchen to transition into an official space, pay attention to the overall look of your kitchen requirements. Lyon suggests repurposing a fireplace mantel to create a decorative hood. “We have utilized an 18th-century fireplace mantel for hoods, which have been generally utilized to cook under and are taller than conventional fireplaces, so they are fantastic for this usage,” she states.

Caden Design Group

Create ambience for a dining experience. Decorate your kitchen with entertaining in mind. “The usage of unique centerpieces in your own island can reinforce a sense of a formal dining area,” states Ownby. “Use candles, florals or decoration in your own island which you would typically use on a desk.” Lyon also proposes using any glass cabinetry you have to show off amazing dishes or collections.

Ownby Design

Soften the windows with drapes. The look is a little from the ordinary, but drapes can make a kitchen feel more inviting. “Adding this layer to your kitchen can help to make the space feel more romantic when used for much more formal motives,” states Ownby.

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Contractor Tips: Tune into Some Top-Notch TV Room

Most households have a room where the most important activity is watching TV. We’re well past the age when all you needed was an outlet and a pair of rabbit ears — now, DVD players, game consoles, cable and satellites, computer networks and stereo systems can all communicate with your television. It makes sense to attempt to be ready for new apparatus and methods of communicating that will become commonplace in the future.

Whether you’ll be gutting your TV room, building it new or doing a remodel, the tips below can help you take advantage of it.

D’apostrophe design, inc..

Know the way the TV is going to be utilized. Unlike the kitchen, where there could be only one cook, the TV room generally gets used by everybody in the family room. Odds are, not everybody is going to be up to speed on what devices the other people in the household use, the way they use them and how they need to be wired.

Before planning the installation, bring everybody together and discuss which devices will be plugged into the TV, the dimensions of the plugs (important if you need to drill holes in furniture), the way they are controlled (by remote, wired joystick, wireless joystick, etc.) and how often they will be used.

You will also need this info to plan your own electrical power and storage requirements.

Consider glare. Consider the placement of the television relative to the windows in the room. You can always pull the drapes, however a small amount of light leaking around the sides of a window treatment may create a glare on the TV screen.

BW Interiors

Place the screen at eye level. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your TV room, you’ve got two focal points at the space. Many people solve this problem by mounting the television over the fireplace. Many times, the viewing angle is too steep when a TV is put this large, and it is much better to put in it adjacent to the fireplace so that it could be lower.

A good rule of thumb is to mount it about eye level for all those seated. Sit on your couch (or one of equal elevation) at the distance it will be put out of your TV and see if it feels comfortable for viewing.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Plan for your speakers. If you would like surround sound, then buy the speaker system you need and then run the cables, rather than the other way around. This way you’ll know just how many speaker cables to operate and whether any areas of the system, like a subwoofer, will need a dedicated socket.

If you aren’t intending to start up walls, think about mounting the speakers high on the wall and installing crown molding to conceal the wires. They should still be run in wiremold to safeguard them but you won’t possess that unsightly station running around the room.

Attach the bracket to blocking. If you plan on mounting the TV into the wall, you will need to open up at least that part of the wall and put in solid wood blocking so you may attach it. Any heavy thing attached to the wall ought to have wood blocking installed, but especially something as expensive as the current TVs.

Scot Meacham Wood Design

Plan storage to your components. So you’ve had the conversation about what apparatus need to be hooked up to the television — but where are you really going to put them? If you don’t need them from the open, the two most common solutions would be to place them in a nearby cupboard or inside a piece of furniture.

Furniture is convenient as you can set it close to the TV as you need, but remember you will need to drill holes at the back, top or bottom to accommodate multiple wires. If you want to keep the doors shut and still utilize remote controls, you will need to purchase a signal repeater. And these devices generate a lot of heat, which means you’ll need to supply enough room for airflow.

In the event that you set everything in a cupboard, venting isn’t quite as much of an issue, but you will need to find a way to route the cables there, and you will also need a signal repeater.

FORMA Design

Build in flexibility. Technologies alter, and we often update one part of a system while retaining the remainder. Try to build some flexibility into your installation so you may conduct new or additional wires if they are needed in the future.

It’s standard to put in an access panel supporting bathtub plumbing. If you can, do this to your TV installation too. If you need to run cables into a wall in the future and also the wall is open now, set a PVC pipe at the wall so it’s easier to drop those cables into the cellar or your entrance panel.

Christopher Hoover – Environmental Design Services

TV sizes change, and they don’t generally get smaller. If you are going to construct a shelving unit around the TV, look at leaving additional space around the television for future upgrades.

Habitat Studio

Consider screens. If you want to hide the television out of view, you are able to mount screens like these. Pocket door hardware, available at most hardware stores, allows the screens to slip back and forth. Install cut which hangs down far enough across the front face to conceal the track.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

If you’d like doors to start and then slip back, you’ll need a flipper door slip, which isn’t available at most hardware stores. Instead, you ought to purchase these from a woodworking site such as Rockler.

Another option is a lift, which permits you to conceal the television at a cabinet and raise it when you wish to watch.

TVs are not only seen in TV rooms. Even in the event that you don’t need a TV in the kitchen, then think beforehand. If you are planning a renovation, it’s easy to run a cable to this (or a different) room in the event you reconsider — or if you want to sell the home for a TV lover’s paradise.

The Way Smart TV Will Change Your Living Room
Where to Put the TV Whenever the Wall Will Not Work
More Suggestions for Your Media Room

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A trapdoor’s attractiveness is its footprint. When open, a trapdoor provides access to spaces below or over in an almost covert method. When closed, the trapdoor is a flush surface, either a load-bearing floor or a hatchway to an attic. No square footage is lost in spaces with a trapdoor.

David Edrington, Architect

Most people consider tree houses or attics when they envision a trapdoor. Dormers add enough headroom to produce this loft a bedroom, and also the trapdoor succeeds in making it a cool one with lots of floor space.

A wine cellar is found in the cool depths beneath this kitchen’s trapdoor.

LU Décor

A clear acrylic trapdoor provides access to a open-tread spriral staircase. Plexiglas sheets are strong and have clear clarity.

Adding a trapdoor is a unique way to raise storage space below a staircase.

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Pony Wall

A pony wall is a half-wall or short wall that does not bear the load of any overlying structures. It functions as partition or a room divider.

This pony wall provides just a little bit of solitude.

Blue Sky Building Company

A pony wall used to separate regions of the bedroom may also function as a backrest for the headboard.


A tongue-and-groove paneled pony wall using a wood cap helps delineate different spaces in this room.

Ownby Design

Here, a pony wall anchors a recessed living room.

Charlie & Co.. Design, Ltd

A pony wall separates this dining room from the living room with no cutting off the chef’s perspective.

Rossington Architecture

This board and batten pony wall enables everyone to view the TV.

RW Anderson Homes

A pony wall opens up the stairs and supplies a long hallway natural light. The cap helps conceal the inevitable fingerprints.

Read more pony wall photographs

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Guest Groups: The Night Sky

When I was young, I wanted to pay my own ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars. I believed they would be ideal to count on sleepless nights. While I grew from that fashion, I never lost my passion for the nighttime skies. Stargazing is particularly beautiful in the crisp winter air. This collection contains small suggestions to pull the nighttime skies into the home in some classy, and some enjoyable, manners. — Brandi from Not Your Average Ordinary

Hubble Crab Nebula – $9.85

NASA’s Hubble telescope has been capturing some incredible pictures from outer space. Many of the magnificent prints are available as posters. They would easily add drama to some bare wall.

Barneby Gates

All Star Wallpaper from Barneby Gates – GBP 78

Barneby Gates has a magical touch when it comes to wallpaper, and this celebrity version is no exception. The metallic ink and feel create the stars look really elegant.


Halley’s Comet Path by Dorana Design – $189

For people who can remember watching Halley’s Comet as a youngster, this artwork piece mapping its path is a perfect way to commemorate one of the events of childhood.

Pottery Barn

Star Cachepot – $29.50

The little star on this kettle is subtle, but it is still a lovely reminder that everything we know is made from stardust.


Vintage Constellations Print”Le Ciel” with Miss Quite Contrary – $22

Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences, and this vintage print of constellations is a fantastic reminder that past generations have been mapping the skies for centuries.


Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere Wall Hanging by Little Intelligent Studio – $85

This constellation embroidery could look amazing on any bookshelf or wall mounted, particularly if it were surrounded by other instances of nature’s beauty.

Restoration Hardware

Rustic Star Garland at Brass – $55

This sweet little star garland would be ideal inside or outside. It would also be amazing through the holidays wrapped round a tree.

Stars from Seb Lester – EUR 90

I instantly fell in love with this particular print when I saw it. I then took a closer look and discovered that the lines and letters themselves are made up of very tiny stars.

Modern Scatter Cushions – GBP 55

This throw pillow adds a nice touch of the nighttime skies to any area. It might seem particularly charming on a silver or white couch.

Old World Astrolabe – $99.95

Armillary spheres were used by scientists to help find and predict the positions of the sun, planets and moon. While contemporary computers are a lot easier to work with, this tool still has an Old World charm which will help create a home feel like a museum.


Constellation Lampshade by ECLU – $79

This entertaining, whimsical lamp color is created from small pieces of an old constellation map. It might work perfectly in a young teenager’s room or some other family room.


Classic Celestial Globe from Ruff by Margo – $75

Though this vintage globe of the constellations doesn’t light up like most contemporary ones, it might be a fantastic, unique conversation piece in any area.


Sun Moon Stars Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker by Decal Farm – $15

Wall stickers make adding some starlight and moving the stars into different patterns much easier than the old glow-in-the-dark stars ever allowed.

Maintain Calm Gallery

Shoot For the Stars from Hayley & Lucas – GBP 16

The futuristic font set against the classic starry sky within this poster create an ideal mix. The sentiment would look lovely framed and set on a desk or on the wall as a constant reminder to dream large.

Pottery Barn Kids

Constellation Sheeting

These constellation sheets may have been designed for a child’s room, but they would be brightly colored in almost any adult’s bedroom too, particularly if hidden during the day by a glowing quilt or duvet.

Urban Outfitters

Constellation Duvet Cover – $69

From afar, this duvet cover resembles a simple black cover with a white layout. But closer inspection reveals a multitude of constellations to learn and trace at night before falling asleep.

Pottery Barn Kids

Stark Star Rug

This star-patterned rug has a slight nautical feel to it, which is not surprising given how profoundly ancient seafarers relied on the stars to direct their journeys.

Pottery Barn Kids

Jared Star Shade & Mason Base – $35

This celebrity lamp color and easy base could be fantastic on any nightstand, particularly in a child’s room.


Retro Atomic Star Glow Plate from Zuza Shop – $7.50

Stars were extremely popular throughout the’50s and’60s for dinnerware, along with the retro appearance of the star burst plate could work for almost any special occasion.


Homer Laughlin 1950s Modern Star Vintage China Bowls by Pazinktum – $40

This collection of six vintage bowls are a wonderfully easy way to incorporate some celebrity bursts into your daily decor.

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Ranch House Remodel: Installing the Interior Finishes

Follow the Improvement of Mike and Leann Rowe of Lutz, Florida, as they Reestablish a 1970s-era ranch Home in St. Pete Beach, Florida. We have demonstrated the way they found the ideal house, constructed their project group, gathered inspiration, established a budget, drew the programs, started construction and started to purify the inside. The author is the project architect.

In the last installment of the Florida ranch house renovation journal, the inside construction was well under way. We were relocating walls, installing new electrical apparatus, transferring plumbing lines for your new fixture places and much more. In a sense we were getting the skeletal and muscle systems roughed in and ready for the new finishes.

When the walls were up and also the systems roughed in, we installed all-new gutters throughout. When the drywall was up and primed, we started on all those very pleasant finishes that we’ve spent the past several months selecting. Here’s what the project looks like today.

Before Photo

Bud Dietrich

With up the drywall and primed, we get to see exactly what the spaces are actually like. When many people can envision the dimensions and character of each chamber while the programs are being drawn, this is the first chance for some to actually get a good feel for each area. In any remodel the architect and client are on precisely the exact same page about the outcome, because it’s actually expensive and time consuming to start shifting walls round at this time.

The angled orange planks on the floor are the template for the kitchen island. This template was constructed early on so that Mike and Leann could verify the specific place they desired for the island.

Bud Dietrich

We have begun installing the new wood floor now that the ceilings and walls all primed. The floor is a dark stained bamboo that will provide a nice foundation to the insides.

Flooring like this must be left to acclimatize before installation. For several days beforehand, we controlled the humidity from the house to be certain that the flooring won’t enlarge, contract or otherwise change its dimensions too following installation. We have also used a urethane floor sealer that can hold down any moisture from the concrete slab.

Before Photo

Bud Dietrich, AIA

Even though a team operates on installing the hardwood flooring, two teams are still installing the tile finishes. The tile setters have laid out a part of the master bath shower wall to be certain they know how everything is going to fit together and where, if needed, tile cuts will happen.

Mocks like these are particularly useful when performing a remodel. Nothing beats verifying things from the area …

Bud Dietrich, AIA

… even when a drawing is done that shows the detailed tile design. The old adage “measure twice and cut once” is the best way to save money and time for all concerned.

Before Photo

Bud Dietrich, AIA

The guest bathroom tiling is just about all done. So far we’re really pleased with our usage of little blue-green and grey stripes for the shower floor and one wall. These tiles can help add to that beach house personality that Mike and Leann very much desire.

Before Photo

Bud Dietrich

We have worked with the tile setters, Artisan Tile of all St. Petersburg, to pick the grout colour for the bathrooms and the kitchen backsplash. While the grout colour can be chosen earlier, doing this just about when the tile is getting started is always nice, as you get to see the tile set up and with the kind of lighting it will exist in.

Before Photo

Bud Dietrich

One of the last remaining bits of work at the exterior would be your entrance door. We didn’t wish to put in this too early, as we didn’t wish to risk damage. Now that we’re close to finishing, we’ve gotten the door (by Therma-Tru) set up and ready to be painted.

The prior front door was solid wood, but we chose a door with a lot of glass and sidelights, with a rain-glass pattern for privacy. A good deal of light comes through, but nobody will be able to peer in uninvited.

For front door shade, we are going to be selecting something from the orange family. This came about when Leann saw the ideabook When to Paint Your Door Orange.We’re looking forward to testing a few sample oranges on the door next week.

Next: The Last outcome | Follow this remodel from the beginning

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Country Meets Contemporary at a Michigan Getaway

Resigned for their urban loft and sleek modern furniture during the weekdays, this Chicago pair today turns within their city-slicker badges each weekend for a Michigan country life in a recently built contemporary farmhouse. Interior designers Tom Riker and James Dolenc of jamesthomas made the fresh, rural home to be filled with timber paneling, white oak floors and one-of-a-kind antiques. With high ceilings, open a grand front porch and a screened-in living area with a wood-burning stove, it is a space in which the homeowners can host large gatherings, relax with family and forget about the hustle and bustle of big-city living.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Tom Riker and James Dolenc, on weekends
Location: Glen, Michigan (about a two-hour push from Chicago)
Size: Around 4,200 square feet; 4 bedrooms (a hallway has two extra single beds), 4 1/2 baths

jamesthomas Interiors

The screened-in porch embodies farmhouse appeal. It’s filled with antique furniture which Riker and Dolenc scored at local antiques stores, fairs and flea markets. They had the quilt made from a metal watering jug, along with the cart coffee table predates all of the catalog copies found on the market now.

Although the area is not winterized, it has storm windows and also the owners utilize it year-round, including as the spot because of their Christmas tree. “About an hour after you lighting up the woodstove, the area warms up,” Riker says.

Stove: cast iron, Vermont Castings; Color: Ballard Designs

jamesthomas Interiors

Clerestory windows and a skylight keep the living room bright and light. “Although this is the formal living area, it still feels casual and inviting,” Riker says. “We utilized linen on the couches and comfy upholstered chairs. You can fit a lot of people in here”

The painting on the mantel was a housewarming gift from friend and artist Francine Turk of Chicago. (Interesting fact: From the movie The Breakup, with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan, ” Turk created all the art that Aniston’s character pretends to sketch, in addition to a number of the work from the gallery in which her personality functions.)

Paint: White Dove, Benjamin Moore; coffee table: Noir

jamesthomas Interiors

Whitewashed white oak floors and butt combined wood paneling (similar to shiplap) on the walls and ceilings round out the farmhouse appeal. “Together with the paneling rather than drywall gave it a much more authentic country feeling,” Riker says.

jamesthomas Interiors

From the kitchen, Riker and Dolenc exchanged the usual can lights for pendants, schoolhouse lights and sconces to throw a more authentic country vibe.

Retractable shelves instead of top cabinets keep things open and relaxed. The nearly 9-foot-long kitchen island promotes casual weekend interacting.

Pendant lights: Pottery Barn; ceiling fixture: Restoration Hardware; sconces: Troy Lighting; countertops: Caesarstone; counter stools: Ballard Designs

jamesthomas Interiors

Guests also congregate about that eating place, in which built-in banquettes wrap round a zinc-topped kitchen table, which Riker states is quite durable and has a gorgeous patina.

The designer provides two useful tips for people designing a custom banquette: 1. Make certain that the spine has a pitch for relaxation, and two. Have the carpenter make a lip to hold the cushions in place to prevent sliding.

Kitchen chairs: Restoration Hardware

jamesthomas Interiors

A long hallway contributes to the garage, back deck and laundry area. “Plenty of guests encounter through this hallway, so we needed to dress it up and make it special,” Riker says. “There are plenty of hooks for beach totes, hats and towels, and places to kick off and stow your flip-flops. We made it extra long, added lots of windows and utilized tumbled travertine on the ground.”

Flooring: Ocean Blue tumbled travertine

jamesthomas Interiors

The first-floor master bedroom has a door which leads out to a private patio. “We utilized a herringbone rug in here to cozy up it for the winter,” Riker says. A four-poster bed and a mirror, both scored in a county fair, encapsulate laid-back comfort. The loveseat was a Craigslist locate, and also the couple’s cats really like to snuggle up on the Ikea sheepskin throw.

Bed: Pottery Barn; carpets: Ralph Lauren (discontinued)

jamesthomas Interiors

A photograph from Chicago artist Ron Seymour paired with classic accessories brings a rural touch into the master bathroom.

Bathtub: Piedmont Number872, Sunrise Plumbing

jamesthomas Interiors

There’s a nearly 800-square-foot area over the garage which contains an office, a tiny guest room, a bathroom and this long hallway with built-in bedrooms. It’s a favorite spot for young nieces and nephews if they spend the night.

jamesthomas Interiors

The new build is a crisp country home with a huge front porch and a standing-seam metallic roof. A stone retaining wall connects the home and garden into the greater landscape. “We wanted the house to feel farmhouse-ish but still do the job for now,” says Riker.

Windows: Pella; paint: White Dove, Benjamin Moore; siding: Hardie plank

jamesthomas Interiors

The home sits on 4 acres about a block from Lake Michigan, allowing for a rare combination of close proximity to the shore and privacy. The plants are deerproof to keep the critters out of the landscaping.

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