The Ultimate Guide to Beautiful Window Treatments

window installation add warmth and color to an empty room. They make even an empty room feel like home in an instant. You may already know that well-dressed windows have a huge impact to the room’s aesthetic. However, not knowing the basics of window treatments will make the entire shopping and installation process a challenge. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way! We have the ultimate guide for you to turn your boring windows into stunning focal points.

Shopping for Fabric: Texture

When shopping for window replacement, consider first the mood that you want the room to have. For more formal spaces like your home office, there’s velvet or heavy silk. More practical options include cotton sateen and silky rayon blends. To induce a casual feel, use crinkly crushed velvet or billowy linen. Cotton blends and pure cotton will work with all types of décor, and so do wool blends and seasonless wool.

Color Options

You need to make a decision whether you want window cleaning that pop or curtains that blend with a room’s décor. For blending, choose window repair that are of the same tone to the color of your wall but about a couple of shades darker. You can also opt for a subtle, non-dominant color. Adding a bold colored window treatment is like hanging an exclamation point to the room. This will work well if you are looking to add a wow factor. Remember that in spaces where the sun will shine through unlined curtains, your window treatment’s color will infuse to the room. Pink can be cheery; blue, eerie.

Prints and Patterns

A general rule of thumb: having a patterned bedding or furniture in a room will only give you the option of sticking to solid curtains. For solid-color bedding or furniture, consider patterned curtains. If what you want is a subtle hint of energy and style, then go for dots, paisley or any small neutral print. A graphic print will look daring and spectacular, but only if it relates to the entire room’s décor.

What About the Installation?

The installation of window companies can either be done by you or handymen. If you hire professionals, expect to pay up to $80 an hour. We suggest that you rely on experts instead because the installation of window treatments requires the use of a stepladder, handheld drills, a stud finder, screwdriver etc.

Tips on How to Hang a Window Treatment

-High and wide – You can make a room look more luxurious and bigger if you hang drapes 12 inches above a window frame. You can even go all the way up to the ceiling by extending the curtain rod up to 6 inches on both sides.
-Layering – Designer windows always sport two or more window treatments. Emulate designers because this trick will boost the style of the room and turn your window into the room’s focal point.
-Take them to the floor – Novice decorators purchase store-bought curtains. Although there’s nothing wrong with this, their mistake is not measuring the wall’s height. Your drapes must puddle slightly and kiss the floor to achieve a tailored look.