Designing Your Own Kitchen: Deep Thoughts for Your Sink

I tend to think bigger is always better. Perhaps it’s because I reside in Texas. So when it comes to working in my own kitchen, I really do love having a fine, broad sink. It gives plenty of room for food preparation and cleanup, perfect for our two-cook household. However, what about bowl thickness? Sure an extra-deep sink is very good for hiding dirty dishes, but it can also do a number on your back, particularly if you are of a briefer persuasion.

Here are a few strategies for selecting the suitable sink thickness for you and the way you use your kitchen.


Kitchen countertops are steadily growing in bowl thickness. Many sinks used to be just as shallow as 6 inches or less; the normal now is 8 to 10 inches, and they can go as deep as 12 inches. Should you repurpose a classic sink, like the one pictured here, it will likely be on the shallow side.

Kootut murut

When to Move Shallow

A shallow bowl thickness — say, less than 8 inches — is going to be the most comfortable bowl depth for people who are 5-foot-4 or briefer or who are extremely tall (6-foot two or taller). A shallower bowl thickness makes it possible for a shorter individual to work from the sink without having to lean into it to wash things in the bottom. Taller folks can work in a shallower sink without having to crouch down or hunch over.

Salvage Keys, Joanne Palmisano

Granite sinks additionally take up less room in the sink cabinet below them. Does this free up storage area, but in addition, it makes it easier to install and get the garbage disposal as well as the plumbing fittings. Shallow sinks also tend to cost a bit less than deeper versions.

J.A.S. Design-Build

When to Go Deep

For those who, like me, seem to dirty each dish in the house when making a meal, then a superdeep sink is ideal. You’ve got loads of space for prepping meals, and in a pinch you can conceal your dirty dishes in there till you can wash them. This is a wonderful sink for bakers or many others who are regularly washing big sheet pans and cutting boards, also. A sink thickness of at least 10 inches will give you the room you want to wash bigger dishes without splashing water all around the ground and surrounding countertops.


Remember that if you’re going with an undermount sink, then you may gain the extra thickness of the countertop depth. You can offset this, however, by utilizing a raised sink grid, as shown.

Alinda Morris Interior Design LLC

Try One On for Size

When picking your own kitchen sink bowl thickness, it’s all about finding one that is perfect for your height and the way you utilize your sink. If you can, have a look at kitchen showrooms that have a variety of sink sizes on display –mounted at the conventional 36-inch countertop height — to find out what sink thickness feels most comfortable.

Inform us : What is your sink style?

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9 Popular Stovetop Options — Plus Tips for Selecting the Right One

Selecting appliances is about more than just looks and function — the way that they fit into the space is essential. Over the years I have learned that besides precise space measurements, technical specification sheets for appliances are the most crucial information for designing a kitchen.

This is especially true of the stove area, since it’s the focal point of most kitchens. But which version will be right for you — gas, electric, regular, retro, industrial, cooktop, stove top or complete stove? How can you opt for a countertop or layout which works best with it? The following summary will assist you with your choice for the heart of your kitchen.

Dan Waibel Designer Builder

Electric cooktop. This cheerful kitchen is equipped with an electric cooktop. Look carefully and you’ll notice the thin stainless steel trim around its perimeter, which serves as a transition between the glass and the counter material.

Keep in mind that glass cooktops are scratchable, and they require specific creamy cleansers and instant cleanup after spills. You will also wish to put money into flat-bottomed cookware and prevent dragging your pots across the top.

Glenvale Kitchens

Induction cooktop. The induction cooktop is a degree up both in quality and price from the electric cooktop. Its function is based on a magnetic field similar to that of a microwave, and you’ll need to purchase magnetic cookware.

The great news is there is no tangible heat on the surface, which can be helpful for the fingers of wee relatives. Induction offers quite even heat distribution, and a kettle of water will boil over a minute, making this a very energy-efficient appliance.

This specific version has been installed flush with the countertop. Your rock or quartz countertop producer will cut a recessed line into the cutout for the cooktop, along with the glass top will be set up with a silicone strip as an allowance for heat expansion. Set into a dark counter, this type of installation would make the cooktop disappear completely, for a very clean and contemporary look.

Prestige Custom Building & Construction, Inc..

Gas cooktop. During installation, this gas cooktop was dropped into a cutout from the countertop, with its controllers sitting on the same plane.

When choosing a gas appliance, ask a knowledgeable appliance salesperson about versions with sealed burners versus standard ones. Sealed burners are much easier to wash, but the surface can get very hot, and so you will want more space away from combustible surfaces — that will affect your upper cabinetry.

A seasoned designer will be certain that you assess technical specifications and take these issues into account when designing your dream kitchen.

Dan Brown

Cooktop with individual components. Individual components can be selected to complement your cooking preferences. These components are usually 15 inches wide, and you’ve got the selection of steam units, gas, induction, a built-in wok along with others.

The kitchen here shows another great potential cooktop design. If it works for the lifestyle, eliminating cabinetry underneath results in a sleek, airy and contemporary look.

Wolford Remodeling & Building

Range cooktop. Range shirts are typically gas components. They’ve a front that is about 10 inches high, along with the knobs face out from the cabinetry. A cooktop remains neatly contained within a normal 24 1/2-inch deep base cabinet; the variety tops (including their signature heavy-looking knobs) require more depth and tend to stand out from the front border of their neighboring countertops.

Jennifer Brouwer (Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc)

Cooktops with back guards. A typical feature of retro versions and much more economical stoves is the back shield, which often houses the controllers or a clock/timer.

A back protector can visually interfere with a design characteristic in a tile backsplash, so you might need to stick with a simpler tile layout.


Slide-in stoves. Slide-in stove versions, such as this one, come in both gas and electric options.

A stove such as this is usually a very economical choice and allows for a very clean installation. The controllers are either on the front face or on the stovetop itself, and also the stove slides roughly 3/16 inch above the edges of the countertop cutout, which ends in a tight seam having little prospect of crumb accumulation.

When the version sports a convection oven with a self-cleaning option, which maintains high heat over a lengthy period of time, you need to allow for air distance between the body of the stove and the neighboring cabinetry. The technical specification sheet will give you the necessary info on the requirements.

Should you realize that your version will require additional air space, then this can be achieved by simply using fillers or articles on each side of the stove, or by utilizing a face-frame construction technique for the true cabinet carcass.

Cary Bernstein Architect

Freestanding range. This kitchen sports a freestanding restaurant-style stainless steel gas stove. Notice the stainless steel splash shield and heating shelf. Should you select this kind of appliance feature, be certain that you install warming lights above the shelf. You can do that in type of pendants dangling down over it, as is often seen in restaurants, or even by purchasing a fitting hood enthusiast that has integrated warming lights.

Both freestanding stoves and stove top installations will result in small gaps on both sides, between the appliance and the countertops and cabinets. If you know that you would have a hard time accepting the accummulation and hard removal of crumbs in these openings, do yourself a favor and choose a different sort of model!

AlliKristé Custom Cabinetry and Kitchen Layout

Freestanding stoves don’t need to look industrial. If you’re looking for an alternative to stainless steel, then take a look at brands such as The Chateau or even Bertazzoni, which offer a vast range of color options and very distinctive designs.

Superior Woodcraft, Inc..

I am bringing this ideabook to an end with an image of an actual Aga stove. This can be alove-it-or-hate-it appliance — or really, it’s a furnace.

Produced in England and created for cooking and for heating rock homes, these versions are continuously creating heat and don’t have any controls. You will have to know when to push your pots to the ideal parts of the heated surface, and which of those three or more ovens do what.

The units have been fired by propane, oil or gas, and the black chimney is the signature exhaust tube.

Basically you would need to learn new techniques to cook on this stove, and it needs special cookware. In my experience this is only a worthy investment for a very dedicated cook. You need to remember that there’ll be continuous heat emanating from the appliance, which could make it unpleasant to be about it in hotter climates or simply throughout the summer months. I’ve heard of people who purchase an additional regular stove for the summer, so that they could turn off the Aga. Obviously, this would require not only an appropriately sized kitchen space, but also the necessary funds.

Additionally, due to the enormeous fat, the stove demands a concrete platform to sit on, and it can be serviced only by trained technicians.

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Butter Up Your Kitchen With Julia Child's Wisdom

My colleague Laura Gaskill recently showed us a magical makeover of Julia Child’s youth kitchen. It made me think of all of Child’s wonderful bons mots, and how we can apply them not only to food and life however to our kitchens. Below are some favorite Julia Child quotes to live, decorate and cook by. Bon appétit!

Yvonne McFadden LLC

“You do not have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces — just good food from fresh ingredients.”

Think about fresh design ingredients when you’re overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands of tiles to choose from, or when you’ve gone appliance crazy and priced yourself right into a blown budget. Easy, honest materials like raw wood, tongue and groove paneling and a rectangular drum colour make this one of the most attractive kitchens I have seen.

See the rest of this Home

Julia Child Quote Wall Decal – $29.99

Tucker & Marks

“With enough butter anything is great.”

As my butter-yellow kitchen has always cheered me up, I will attest that this is accurate.

Arcanum Architecture

“If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.”

If butter isn’t your favorite, and you’re not feeling sharp white either, consider cream. It’s a mild neutral which can warm up a kitchen.

ROMABIO / Interior & Exterior Mineral Based Paints

“I think every girl should have a blowtorch.”

Whether you’re finishing off this crème brûlée or finishing off your kitchen design, an industrial component like these propane tanks refashioned as pendant lights adds a dollop of the unforeseen.

Geoffrey De Sousa Interior Design

“Fat gives things taste.”

Extra-thick countertops stand up to all the other large elements in kitchen. They’re a great way to add taste to a minimalist kitchen.

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Actual-Size Architecture

“Everything in moderation … including moderation.”

Do you love having all the things you adore close at hand? Go for it. There is no rule that says you have to be somewhat minimalist. Establish your kitchen for a place where you can get your work done and have of the things you like around you.

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Candlelight Homes

“Being tall is an advantage, especially in business. People will always remember you. And if you’re in a crowd, are always going to have a clean air to breathe.”

Adding cabinets above your upper cabinets is a great way to take advantage of an often wasted space — which gap between upper cabinets and the ceiling. I mean, yuck, have you ever washed up there? It’s disgusting! Way up high, glass-front cabinets provide you an opportunity to display beloved items, while strong fronts offer storage room for lesser-used products. Because the majority of us are briefer compared to Julia Child was, add a measure stool someplace near.

Splendid Willow

“She was my first cat, and I thought she had been marvelous.”

OK I admit I just threw this one in here because I love cats and I really like this photograph.

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Mark Ashby Design

“In department stores, a lot of kitchen equipment is bought indiscriminately by people who just come in for men’s panties.”

Be skeptical about the pots, pans, small appliances as well as other kitchen gear you buy. Do your research, examine things out at a friend’s home, ask salespeople questions. Strategy these buys just like you’d approach a marriage registry. Your meals and your kitchen are worthwhile. If you have to go pick up some men’s underwear after you’re done, that is OK too.

Siemasko + Verbridge

“A cookbook is only as great as its weakest recipe.”

When you discover a great cookbook, hang onto it for life and keep it close. A lot of new kitchen islands have designated cookbook space. You could come across a fantastic spot over the fridge or designate a cupboard shelf for cookbooks as well. For you techies, have a look at Why Your Kitchen Wants Its Own iPad.

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Black Fine Woodworking

“Some people like to paint pictures, or do gardening, or construct a boat in the basement. Other people get a tremendous pleasure from the kitchen because cooking is at least as creative and ingenious a task as drawing wood carving, or music.”

Make time and room to teach your children how to cook. Start with cookies and placing the table (flower arranging is just another enjoyable action), then make sure they understand the basics by the time that they go off to school. It’s a wonderful way to spend some time together.

Dana Nichols

“Just talk very loudly and quickly, and state your position with absolute certainty, as the French do, and you’re going to have a fantastic time!”

Add a swath of chalkboard paint somewhere in the kitchen for inspirational quotations, doodles, menus, grocery shopping lists and messages.


“Food, like the people who consume it, can be stimulated by wine or spirits. And, being with humans, it can likewise be spoiled.”

Whether you’re someone who sticks your entire snout in the wineglass, swirls, sniffs and spits, or someone who just enjoys a glass of “Two Buck Chuck” after work, the kitchen is a superb spot for storing and displaying wine. Clearly, the wine is an extreme example, but small wine refrigerators are quickly becoming a staple appliance in kitchen design nowadays.

“Recall, ‘No one’s more significant than individuals’! To put it differently, friendship is the most important thing — not career or housework, or one’s fatigue — and it has to be tended and nurtured.”

We have looked at some gorgeous kitchens today, but do not worry if a kitchen does not look ready for its close-up. Do not put off having this party as your cooking skills are not up to Julia Child’s degree. After all, she declared that “cooking well does not mean cooking fancy.” Call everyone up and invite them over anyhow; what matters most to them is showing them that you care.

How to Love Your Kitchen More Right Now

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Kitchen of the Week: All-American Style Brightens a Craftsman

Regardless of the devastation, this Portland, Oregon, household felt blessed after a fire struck the kitchen of their 1920s Craftsman home. The harm was terrible, but no one was hurt. Looking on the bright side they saw the opportunity to redesign their kitchen to the space they had always wanted.

Portland architect Michael Howells opened the kitchen up to add more light and storage. “We spend a lot of time indoors here in rainy Portland, as well as the dark wood interiors shared to old Craftsman houses can be gloomy,” he states. New white cabinetry and materials all manufactured in America provide a contemporary look that nonetheless feels at home in the 1920s home.

Howells Architecture + Design

The family needed a contemporary farm-style kitchen painted cupboards, subway tile and full-height custom made cabinetry were top on their list. Shelving at the back of this peninsula, generously sized cabinets and full-extension drawers provide the kitchen plenty of storage area.

Before Photo

Howells Architecture + Design

BEFORE: Thankfully, no member of this household was home when the fire broke out. From the time the family arrived on the scene, the flame was extinguished, and inspectors had begun to take account of this harm.

Howells Architecture + Design

AFTER: The kitchen’s original layout worked well, or so the family kept it — with a few tweaks. The peninsula at the close of the counter creates a small breakfast area, and the window at the corner changed the light.

Howells Architecture + Design, LLC

New white cabinetry immediately lightened the area’s visual weight. Rather than closing this off tiled wall at the peninsula with cabinetry, Howells left open, allowing light from the skillet to stream through.

Before Photo

Howells Architecture + Design

BEFORE: The inspectors thought that the fire caused a spark or electricity surge after an outage — possibly from a faulty toaster oven. Although the fire was mostly in the kitchen, intense smoke damage considerably influenced the rest of the home. Most of the home had to be gutted and remodeled, and nearly everything — including the silverware — had to be professionally cleaned.

Howells Architecture + Design

AFTER: Howells, who likes to use local goods, stuck using American materials to maintain the house’s quintessential Craftsman design. Black honed granite countertops look classic, and the backsplash tile is made by Heath Ceramics in Sausalito, California. Howells also custom made the cabinetry to mention traditional panel doors.

Howells Architecture + Design

A warm lotion wall color keeps a consistent tone through all the public rooms, but Howells used the backsplash to add interest. “I love to shoot backsplashes as an opportunity to do something fun and expressive,” he states. Simple open shelving around the sink is sensible for often-used decor and items, and still looks amazing.

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Stock Up on These Stylish Pantry Door Ideas

Cabinets, countertops and appliances generally steal the show from kitchens. However, the pantry door is no slouch and should have a chance to stand out. A playful pantry door lets you step away in the standard package of cabinets and also add a personal touch to your cooking space. Whether you decide to paint the doors a bold colour or add chalkboard paint, frosted glass panels or barn door hardware, your cabinet can add whimsy to your kitchen.

Rock Paper Hammer

Colorful Pantry Doors

Don’t be afraid to show off your personal style from the kitchen with a bright shade, such as the red on this salvaged cabinet door. It will immediately create your pantry the star of your kitchen. Does not this one remind you of an old telephone booth, too?

See more of this Kentucky kitchen

Burleson Design Group

Bringing vivid colours to the kitchen can be nerve racking, because numerous kitchen substances are large investments. Using color in your pantry doors is a great thing to do. Since it’s just paint on a small surface, you can change it as often as you’d like. The turquoise with this vintage screened pantry door feels fresh but still ties in to the kitchen reclaimed, vintage look.

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd..

Barn-Style Pantry Doors

The glass panes onto this conventional barn door provide the proprietor a glimpse inside. If you’re clutter-prone, this probably is not the ideal alternative for you. A frosted pane or strong door can conceal your messes from drifting eyes.

Erin Hoopes

This modern kitchen mixes things up using a barn-style cabinet door that contrasts with the more modern main cabinetry. I love the way the designer painted the slipping barn-style doorway with chalkboard paint and magnetized it, too.

Chalkboard Pantry Door

Turning a plain old cabinet doorway into a magnetized chalkboard door requires many, many applications of both kinds of paint. But if you’re eager to place the job in, the final result will be stylish, playful and functional. It is possible to add photos of the children or nearest and dearest, and maintain a list of grocery items in plain sight.

Brenda Olde

Chalkboard paint aids this cabinet door stick out in the oak cabinetry. Many pantry doors come with frosted glass panels. If you’re not fond of this frosted glass, just cover it with chalkboard paint. However, you’ll want to write your grocery list lightly, because of the glass underneath.

Normandy Remodeling

Frosted Glass Pantry Door

This frosted door seems great in this modern kitchen also helps conceal any clutter. The door hardware mimics the refrigerator hardware, too.

Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry

These homeowners highlighted their pantry space with sliding frosted doors. This is a bold choice that requires some business behind the doors, but the substance certainly sets the pantry besides the remainder of the kitchen chimney.

Farinelli Construction, Inc..

Hidden Pantry Doors

This cabinet door appears like the remainder of the cabinetry within this kitchen, using a chalkboard to break the lender of all-white cabinets.

Farinelli Construction, Inc..

This subtle door actually opens, like a key passageway. This smart technique avoids a doorway that cuts into the primary kitchen area.

Mark Williams Design Associates

This narrow pantry door swings out to reveal an entire space supporting the cabinetry.

More: 8 Ways to Create the fantastic Pantry

Inform us : What do your fantasy cabinet door look like?

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Thought of the Week: Clear Some Counter Space

In case your house is to the small side or you also reside in a pint sized flat, you realize how valuable the kitchen countertops may be. One knife-block that is unwieldy can actually be the difference between being forced to chop onions in the table or having a room to organize your meal. So us struck as excellent method to take advantage of every square-inch.

Hulburd Style

With no chamber to get a toaster, you would need to always be schlepping yours upward from the closets each single time you crave a bagel. Ugh. This integrated rather keeps it kept behind the microwave, along with a tray makes getting it out very simple.

Hulburd Style

Slide it back back to place, shut the door when you are all done, for chopping onions or another job, and you have got your counter area again. Hooray!