Designing Your Own Kitchen: Deep Thoughts for Your Sink

I tend to think bigger is always better. Perhaps it’s because I reside in Texas. So when it comes to working in my own kitchen, I really do love having a fine, broad sink. It gives plenty of room for food preparation and cleanup, perfect for our two-cook household. However, what about bowl thickness? Sure an extra-deep sink is very good for hiding dirty dishes, but it can also do a number on your back, particularly if you are of a briefer persuasion.

Here are a few strategies for selecting the suitable sink thickness for you and the way you use your kitchen.


Kitchen countertops are steadily growing in bowl thickness. Many sinks used to be just as shallow as 6 inches or less; the normal now is 8 to 10 inches, and they can go as deep as 12 inches. Should you repurpose a classic sink, like the one pictured here, it will likely be on the shallow side.

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When to Move Shallow

A shallow bowl thickness — say, less than 8 inches — is going to be the most comfortable bowl depth for people who are 5-foot-4 or briefer or who are extremely tall (6-foot two or taller). A shallower bowl thickness makes it possible for a shorter individual to work from the sink without having to lean into it to wash things in the bottom. Taller folks can work in a shallower sink without having to crouch down or hunch over.

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Granite sinks additionally take up less room in the sink cabinet below them. Does this free up storage area, but in addition, it makes it easier to install and get the garbage disposal as well as the plumbing fittings. Shallow sinks also tend to cost a bit less than deeper versions.

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When to Go Deep

For those who, like me, seem to dirty each dish in the house when making a meal, then a superdeep sink is ideal. You’ve got loads of space for prepping meals, and in a pinch you can conceal your dirty dishes in there till you can wash them. This is a wonderful sink for bakers or many others who are regularly washing big sheet pans and cutting boards, also. A sink thickness of at least 10 inches will give you the room you want to wash bigger dishes without splashing water all around the ground and surrounding countertops.


Remember that if you’re going with an undermount sink, then you may gain the extra thickness of the countertop depth. You can offset this, however, by utilizing a raised sink grid, as shown.

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Try One On for Size

When picking your own kitchen sink bowl thickness, it’s all about finding one that is perfect for your height and the way you utilize your sink. If you can, have a look at kitchen showrooms that have a variety of sink sizes on display –mounted at the conventional 36-inch countertop height — to find out what sink thickness feels most comfortable.

Inform us : What is your sink style?

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