What Exactly Are a Lien & a Levy?

Liens and levies are debt collection instruments that compel debtors to repay outstanding debt obligations. Both collection instruments offer a means to collect delinquent taxes and grant varying levels of legal rights over personal property to repay the debt. When a lien or levy is used to collect on a debt, the debtor loses control of some or all personal property.


A lien is a claim against property used as collateral to secure a specific debt. If the collateralized property is sold, proceeds from the sale should be applied to the outstanding debt. By way of instance, a mortgage lender extends a loan to your homeowner with the home as collateral. If the homeowner is unable to make mortgage payments, the lending institution may take possession of the home and sell it in the open market in an effort to make up the losses in the failed mortgage loan. Promoting the house requires the vendor to pay off the outstanding mortgage debt .

Consequences of a Lien

When a lending institution files a lien against a borrower, the lending institution has a valid right to claim the property used to guarantee the debt liability. In circumstances where a lien is registered against a productive asset like machines or work vehicles, the debtor has an opportunity to negotiate a treatment to the lien, since the productive asset can generate income to make payments up and continue paying the loan off. In other circumstances, the security is in the possession of the lender until the debt has been paidoff.

Tax Lien

A tax lien gives the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) legal promise to use property as security for overdue taxes. A tax lien issued by the IRS attempts to collect delinquent taxes by exposing a lien into a delinquent tax payer’s property. If the property under lien is sold, the IRS is allowed priority among other creditors to receive the proceeds from the selling of property.


A levy grants a legal right to seize property to satisfy outstanding tax obligations. Levies are used to collect outstanding taxes and allow the Internal Revenue Service to carry all of the assets necessary to satisfy the tax debt. According to the IRS, the physical property subject to seizure includes homes, cars and boats. In addition, the IRS can levy investment dividends, financial accounts, professional licenses, rental income and salary.

Tax Levy

A tax levy is a more severe step toward tax collection in relation to a lien. The sole notification involved with a tax levy is a written notification expressing the intent of the IRS to issue a levy. The aim to levy notice is the start of the procedure to actually capture property if the taxpayer won’t settle with the IRS or otherwise fails to respond to the notice or appeal that the levy.

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Will Bankruptcy Eliminate a Lien on a Home?

When you file for bankruptcy, you’re submitting for relief in the debts you have accumulated. But that only takes care of the debts. Should you take royalties into bankruptcy, they’re treated differently. For instance, you take a lien on your home as collateral in case you default. That is treated differently than if you have other liens against your property. There are ways to get rid of exemptions, however it depends on your situation and the level of equity in your home.

Foreclosure and Liens

There is a gap between taxation and liens in the bankruptcy procedure that is important to understand. If you’re in foreclosure and you go through bankruptcy, the automatic stay you receive puts off the foreclosure until after you’re discharged. When you’re discharged, you’re released from your obligation to pay the debt. But that does not necessarily mean the lien on the home, or some other liens attached to the home, are removed. Thus, even in the event that you eliminate the debt, then you might still lose the home. If there are liens from some other debts attached to the home, your duties depend on the type of lien.

Homes with No Equity

If your home has little to no equity and you go through the Chapter 7 bankruptcy procedure, chances are great that you will get rid of the home, which will get rid of the lien on the property. Additionally, it means there is a good chance you can have some other liens removed, according to Bankrate.com bankruptcy adviser Justin Harelik. Too little equity means that your trustee likely would not earn enough money off the sale of the home to repay creditors. If that is the case, Harelik recommends consulting a lawyer that can help you with the procedure for eliminating liens, including filing paperwork with the county tax office and submitting to have the mention of the lien removed in the house’s title.

Homes with Equity

If your home has equity, then there is a chance that your bankruptcy trustee might use the selling of the home to repay any liens or that it might be completely exempt. It is dependent on the level of equity and if you bought the home. If you have purchased the home within 1,215 days of filing for bankruptcy, your exempt equity is limited to $125,000. If you do not fulfill the time qualification, or you have more equity in your home than the limit, you might be forced to sell to repay lenders. You would still receive your exempt amount after the purchase, after your secured creditors are paid.


Bankruptcy trustees have to repay debt in the order of bonded debt, and then unsecured debt. One way a creditor can have their lien considered first is by optimizing the lien. To do so, the creditor must record the lien with the county tax office, even whether it’s a mortgage, or even together with the state’s secretary of state, if it’s personal property. If your creditor has not perfected their lien against you, there is a chance that the trustee could throw the lien out during the bankruptcy procedure, if there is not enough money to pay off the lien.

Tax Liens

Some liens are extremely tricky to remove, which includes liens associated with taxes. Typically, money you owe the government is not dischargeable in a bankruptcy. If you have a tax lien from the property, you’re stuck with it. If you filed Chapter 7 and also you fulfill several criteria, you can have the lien removed. The lien cannot be against your home, can’t be caused by fraudulent activity or tax evasion, cannot be associated with taxes less than two years until you filed, must have been due at least three years ago and have to have been assessed 240 days before you filed.

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Guest Groups: A Dining Chair for Every Table

With the holidays fast approaching, many are focusing on the dining room, the location that will be a gathering point for family and friends. We all want our visitors to be comfortable, and providing just the correct seat is the initial step.

When choosing the proper dining chairs for your own tables (they don’t have to match styles), there are several points to think about. First, ensure the dimensions of the dining space are congruent with the dimensions of the dining table and chairs so the room’s dimensions doesn’t overpower the furniture (or vice versa). Secondly, ensure the chair’s seat height isn’t overly high or low for the table There ought to be around 12 inches between the surface of the seat and the surface of the table.

Now that you understand what size seat would fit your dining table and space, the enjoyable component of picking a fashion begins. With a lot of styles to pick from, it may be hard to narrow them down, so I’ve piled up my favorites to share with you. Cristin from Simplified Bee

Ballard Designs

Collette Dining Chairs – $279

Need extra seating? These bamboo-style seats with hurried seats are a classic look and will look fantastic paired with most present dining seats.


Place of Chippendale Dining Chairs

The Chinese chippendale-style seat is a classic. It would be fantastic paired with a variety of table designs and in both casual and formal settings.


Casual Living Vintage French Round Back Upholstered Linen Dining Chairs – $499.99

This breeding classic French dining seat captures the elegant restraint symbolic of neoclassicism.

West Elm

Elton Dining Chair – $249

For a traditional look, the tufted back on this upholstered seat provides a sense of elegance to any dining table. Its generous proportions make it comfy your guests will not need to leave!


Baker Furniture Dining Chairs

Liven up any dining area with upholstered seats in a bright color like this avocado.

Jayson Home

Antique Louis XV Dining Chair

This antique Louis XV dining seat in emerald velvet and brass nailhead would work well with big or tiny tables. It is perfection in my novel.


Swedish Gustavian Klismos Chairs

Antique Swedish Gustavian Klismos chairs would be lovely paired with a traditional or transitional dining table.


Lacquered Loop Back Chairs by Frances Elkins

The carved loop-back dining chair designed by Frances Elkins in the 1950s is among my personal favorites. It is a showstopper in almost any area.

Restoration Hardware

Nailhead Upholstered Chair – $399

I love the lines of the linen seat. Its traditional shape makes it a versatile classic for your property.

Holly Hunt

Siren Dining Side Chair

The beautiful Siren dining seat by Holly Hunt seamlessly combines both modern and transitional components.

Clayton Gray Home

Lucite Wedding Chair, Clear – $380

Here is a bamboo-style seat in Lucite. I love the modern feel of the airy and light traditional-style seat!

Pottery Barn

Napoleon Upholstered Chair – $199

I have long admired Pottery Barn’s Napoleon dining chair. It is now made with a sleeper pillow that would be fun to change out for extra pattern or even a pop of color in the dining space.

Baker Furniture

Thomas Pheasant Dining Chair

This elegant upholstered seat with a tufted back, nailheads and pull hardware details is perfect for a formal dining area. It’s also a seat that can work with many different styles and settings.


Nate Chair

Want a little glamour in your desk? Try this modern upholstered seat with sensuous curves at the shoulders, a trim-cinched waist and a fabulous chevron pattern that can be dressed up or down.

Serena & Lily

Josephine Dining Chair, White – $550

Inspired by French deco designs, this seat features beautiful curves and lines. Change the upholstered seat out for an enjoyable dose of color.

Juliet-SL Seat, White, Set of 2 – $973.44

For a casual, elegant, modern feel, this sleek lacquer seat is right for you. It is fantastic for children too!

Room & Board

Wegner Wishbone Chair, Kiwi – $727

Known for its clean and simple lines, the midcentury Wishbone seat by Hans Wegner is reproduced here in a bold chartreuse.

Smart Furniture

Navy Chair with Wood Seat – $637.50

Produced in the 1940s, the aluminum Emeco Navy dining seats have made a resurgence in the design world. These casual seats could be mixed and matched with various different materials, textures and styles. I like this edition of the seat with natural wood seats.

Modern Dining Chairs – GBP 373.20

For the casual dining table, consider adding legendary Eames seats with wooden foundations. They are the brand new classic.


Oly Studio Coral Side Chair

Reminiscent of the Chinese chippendale, this seat using a hand-carved coral theme is a fantastic option for both formal and casual dining settings.

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Guest Groups: If I Could Have a Dorm Room Do-Over

As it’s nearly back-to-school time, I started thinking about my own college digs. My dorm room was ugly — as in, burgundy and hunter green ugly. Obviously, those were the days before design websites for inspiration. I thought it would be fun to shop around for what I might use if I were to receive a dorm room do-over. Here’s a roundup of 20 trendy and colorful products which would make any dorm room a little more fun. — Emily from Emily A. Clarke

Garnet Hill

Round Wire Baskets – $128

These wire baskets are great for storage. I’d fill them with towels, linens or publications. They could even create a fashionable trash can beside the desk.

Garnet Hill

Chevron Flat-Weave Wool Rug – $68

You can not paint your sub walls, so I’d opt for a big, colorful pattern on the ground with those modern chevron rugs.

Garnet Hill

French Stripe Jersey-Knit Bedding – $28

Striped sheets add a graphic punch to your mattress, even if you keep the remainder of your bedding easy.

Home Decorators Collection

Martha Stewart Living Fabric Drawer – $7

All these storage cubes are perfect for hiding clutter or storing papers and books. They come in many different colors and fit perfectly on a cubby-style bookcase.


Dowloadable Typography Art Print, Dream Big by Typographics – $5

This colorful poster is an enjoyable daily reminder that the world is your oyster!


Decorative Bulletin Board, Big by Only Lally

Bring in a little color and pattern when displaying your favourite pictures and notes on this fabric-covered memo board.


Button Push Pins by When It Rains – $4

Why use routine thumbtacks when you can add color with these fun button ones? They are the perfect complement to the fabric memo board.


While You Were Out Message Board Decal – $59

There’s no explanation for the roommate not to give you a telephone message with this oversized decal.


Shower Curtain, Zig Zag, Ash Gray by Elisabeth Michael – $199

If you’re fortunate enough to not need to share a community bathroom, use one of those adorable chevron shower curtains. The bows make them additional fun.


Perry Ellis Fire Island 2-Piece Bath Mat Set – $19.99

Your bath mats can bring vivid colors into a drab space. I’d mix these up in plenty of shades.

Colors of Light

Bedside Clamp Lamp – $149

Since dorm rooms are often tight, this clamp lamp is perfect for providing job light whilst not taking up valuable desk space. Plus, the metallic end adds a nice industrial texture.

Shop Ten 25

Kiss The Sky Art Print – $280

These birds will add a fun, modern punch to any drab dorm wall.


Decal Headboard, Overlapping Squares by Decals Murals – $34.99

Forget ugly dorm furniture! I’d use this graphic headboard decal to provide my bed design without taking up one square inch of valuable space.

Grandin Road

Antiqued Metal Letters and Symbols – $29

Typography art adds a daring texture to any wall. I’d use these colorful letters to create my initials or perhaps a reminder to S-T-U-D-Y.


Counting Stitches Pillow – $98

I love this easy pillow. Even if you don’t have space for many accessories, then this provides just the ideal amount of color to a double bed or accent chair.


Plunged Pencil Cup, Yellow – $12

This little pencil cup is a great desktop accessory, and it can double as a vase.

Coastal Living Cottage Table Desk, Beach Cruiser

I would have felt much better about researching if I had had a brightly colored desk similar to this one. I love the bamboo-style legs.


Big Pouf Floor Pillow, DwellStudio Dotscape, Charcoal by Aletafae

This massive pouf ottoman is comfy and graphic. I’d use it as an extra chair, foot stool or possibly just a little coffee table with a tray.

Belle Chaise

Bristol Chair With DwellStudio Gate Fabric – $349

Cute (and comfortable) desk seats are tough to find. I like the way the bright, modern fabric gives this normal office chair a fresh appearance.


Bai Design Cyber Orange Designer Pick-Me-Up Alarm Clock – $36.95

If you hate to hear the sound of your alarm in the morning, hopefully this adorable orange clock will make it a little simpler to rise and shine.

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Designer's Touch: 10 Divine Dining Rooms

With fantastic conversation pieces and tasty food, mealtimes together with family and friends in the dining room must be a memorable experience. Insert an unexpected design spin, and every meal is that a lot more unique. Read on to see how you can freshen up your dining room with intriguing seating, a statement piece, a new ceiling, a bit of black, novels and more.

1. Double up. Stimulate your vision by installing two pendants over your dining room table. Go a step farther and place coordinating — but maybe not matching — host and hostess chairs.

Willman Interiors / Gina Willman

2. Record piece. Permit your room to be the background for an oversize, gorgeous chandelier. Nothing says “wow” such as crystal.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

3. Black beauty. Lay dark, modern furniture and draperies facing a dark wall covering on your dining room for unspoken elegance. Do not be scared of the dark.

A. Rejeanne Interiors

4. All eyes up. Transform your dining room ceiling into a work of painted and textured artwork. It is a masterful approach to bring attention all the way to the very best.

Willman Interiors / Gina Willman

5. The wall of wine. Stack all your favorite wines directly up the wall of your dining room instead of using paint or a wall covering. They create for a certain star attraction.

Michael Abrams Limited

6. Mirror magic. Put an oversize freestanding or wall-mounted mirror onto the focal wall of your dining room for maximum effect. This is especially great for a little dining space, as the space will instantly double in size.

Faiella Design

7. Get all chalked up. Entertain guests with menus or daily inspirational quotes for your family — directly about the walls. Cleanup is simple, and it’s a fun way to have a different look daily. Now that’s cool.

Michael Fullen Design Group

8. Dining with the authors. This little dining room combined with wall-to-wall shelving for books is both a library and a dining room. What a novel idea for people who love to be surrounded by books.

FORMA Design

9. On the seat. Forgo the traditional fitting dining room chairs and opt for a seat on one side of this dining table. It is a terrific way to create your own statement and even cozier for fun.

Habachy Designs

10. Give the red carpet treatment. This oversize rug in ruby red makes quite a statement. Design your entire dining space in a monochromatic colour and create the focal point that the area rug.

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