Repairing Cracked, Discontinued Tile

A cracked tile may be an eyesore that detracts from the entire room. Generally speaking, the first step to fixing a cracked tile is to replace it with a new one. But sometimes this isn’t possible, particularly when your shingles have been discontinued and you do not need a replacement. In this case, hairline and other minor cracks can be repaired with a small amount of epoxy and some paint.

Clean the cracked tile, utilizing tile cleaner or dish detergent to be sure the crack and the region surrounding it’s free of any dust, grease or debris. Dry the tile thoroughly, using a soft cloth.

Mix the epoxy on a bit of cardboard. Stir the epoxy with a craft stick till it’s crystal clear and tacky.

Scoop up some epoxy on the end of a craft stick, if the crack is wide. Alternatively, use a toothpick to get a thin or hairline crack. Use the epoxy directly onto the crack. Make sure it passes the crack and makes a level surface with the remaining part of the tile. Turn the craft stick horizontally and scrape it across the surface of the tile to remove any excess epoxy from the tile. The epoxy will begin to harden within 10 minutes, so eliminate any excess as soon as it’s noticed. Allow the epoxy dry for 24 hours.

Apply a small amount of oil or urethane-based paint to the epoxy, with a fine, artist’s paintbrush. Verify the paint matches the tile. Work in slow, cautious strokes to blend from the paint with the rest of the tile until the split is unnoticeable. Allow the paint dry completely.

Brush a layer of urethane sealer over the painted tile to seal the paint and keep it from peeling or flaking. Allow the sealer dry fully.

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