To Set Your Tub

Putting your tub in the shower might be an unexpected idea, but it is a strong one and a growing trend in bathroom design.

Sure, it looks fantastic, but what does it mean from a practical standpoint? For one, children (and grown-ups) can dash all they want in the tub without having to be concerned about water damage or a mess. Two, the ideal tub model can double as a fantastic shower seat or spot to perch your leg while shaving.

Curious if that will work in your new bathroom? Take a look at these examples and find out what questions to ask your contractor prior to implementing this layout.

Stephenson Design Collective

Waterproofing is essential in these installations. Your tub is going to have a 11/2- to-2-inch drain line which will need to travel throughout your bathtub’s waterproofing materials.

Tubs in general are awkward and also a hassle to hook up, therefore there are a great deal of factors to consider here. For example: Will your bathtub’s anti-tipping mounts poke through your shower membrane? This is a good question to ask your own builder.

Sean O’Brien Architecture

If this modern tub were a tub shower, then it’d be quite hard to watertight because it’s designed as an undermount tub. Clean-lined tubs like this typically don’t have edging that connects the tub with all the wall’s safety. Placing the tub within the shower means the whole area is waterproofed, and it actually simplifies the room’s design.

Tip: A typical bathtub’s glass door and fixed panels may cost up to $2,000. I like how this shower-tub combination has a single wall panel without a door. A simple design change like this can dramatically decrease the price of your new toilet.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Some tubs are a struggle to get into for individuals with knee or hip issues. If that is true for you but you still want a tub, a combination like the one displayed here will assist with accessibility. This barrier-free shower lets for a tub, but the bathtub itself may still be used for years and years to come.

Tip: If you plan to clean your children in the tub, place the shower fittings so they may be used in both the tub and the shower to make items easier.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

A built-in tub like this is really much easier to install than a freestanding one. Waterproofing supporting and behind tubs with little wiggle room can be challenging, so I suggest that clients install tubs like this, for practicality and cost savings.

Tip: Make sure your walls are waterproofed up to a height of 6 ft in your shower and tub area’s main wet zone. Waterproof the walls at least 18 inches above the tub lip in a tub with no showerhead.

There is lots to love about this particular shower. For starters, the very small ledge across the wall on the right is a fantastic way to adapt a smaller tub in a larger area, while adding extra storage.

The ground outside the tub is really graded back into the shower, therefore everything drains with ease. This is an actual wet area, and it looks great.

KADE Restoration

This bathroom’s design would have made fitting in a single dedicated shower difficult, but the bathtub was designed to serve as a walk-through into the tub. This enables the homeowner to have both a tub and a shower without combining both into a small space or squishing a bathtub into one corner and the tub into the other.

Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design

As beautiful as this design option looks, there are loads of risks — particularly with waterproofing — so make sure you discuss something like this in detail with your contractor or builder. There are several ways to design a beautiful shower with a characteristic tub, however there are very few approaches to properly waterproof this particular setup. Be certain to understand all of the pros and cons prior to proceeding with your job.

Tip: Products like Noble Company’s NobleSeal TS and NobleSealant 150 are exceptional materials for seaming these difficult spots. If your bathtub layout will have a tub waste line and a tub filler which penetrates the bathtub’s waterproofing, these parts of the installation ought to be done prior to your contractor does a flood evaluation.

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