Mood Makers: Small Rooms, Spacious Feel

Many decorators like to keep their secrets to themselves but I’m not among them. Over the years, I’ve learned lots of secrets for earning a space feel larger. Even the smallest area can seem more spacious if you’re privy to some little empowering information. (Not all of the chambers below are tiny, incidentally, but they show the principles)

Abbe Fenimore Studio Ten 25

The main thing to remember is that the more floor space you can see, the larger the room will look.

MANDARINA STUDIO interior design

Keep areas beneath furniture free and clear to make the region feel larger.

Cornerstone Architects

This distance is not modest, but it shows how keeping the floors color exactly the same from room to room furthers the feeling of spaciousness.

Eleven Interiors

Remove your area rugs and scatter rugs. Unbroken floor space always makes a room look larger.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

This includes tub mats in the toilet — couple of things make a toilet room look smaller than chopping up the flooring with tub mats. There’s a reason you don’t see them in design magazines.

Jump the skirts on upholstered furniture. Incorporate Lucite or glass tables and pieces.

Dream House Studios

Let your light shine! A well-lit room always looks larger. Let from the organic light and include lots of attractive artificial light in the form of hanging light fixtures, sconces and lamps.

CWB Architects

Mirrored furniture and framed mirrors reflect light and distance — use them to your advantage in a small room.

Mary Evelyn Interiors

Install French doors, get rid of heavy window dressings and banish your sheers to make your room feel more spacious and open.

Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist

Tall pieces of furniture from the far corners of a room draw back your eye and make the room look larger, especially if the furniture is light-colored, such as these white armoires (click photo to view full view).

Michael Abrams Limited

This interior exemplifies how the warm, neutral wall color throughout a spacious floor plan, together with lots of different light sources, draws your attention all over the space and expands the sense of size.

Tell us How do you create your space sense larger?Share your tricks from the Remarks section below.

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