How to Finish Concrete

One of the most satisfying moments you can experience when working with concrete is when you get that smooth finish at the end of a job. The smooth finish is the result of arduous work that involves concentration, skill, and having the right tools.

Not everyone is able to get it, especially not on the first try, and if you’ve always struggled to get the smooth Gilbert flooring finish that you desire then you’ll enjoy today’s article, because  we’ve compiled a helpful guide where we share what tools and techniques you should combine in order to get your intended result. To complete the task will take you no more than a day, and costs will probably be in the region of $20 to $100, depending on what tools and materials you already have on hand.

While you might want to start by working on a slab right away, for this first practice run, we recommend that you use a garbage can pad instead. A smaller can pad is easier to manage at this stage and will get you ready for a slab, which usually dries quickly and requires experienced hands.

Screed the Concrete

First, you need to screed the concrete by moving a screed board on top of the form in a push and pull motion. This’ll help you level out the concrete and make sure that there isn’t any excess. You can flatten the surface further using a darby, this time using an overlaying motion, as you’ll be using a handheld tool.

Edge the Concrete

A small amount of water will seep to the surface after you’ve done screeding so you should wait until it dissipates before moving onto the next step, which is to edge the flooring Gilbert AZ. You should avoid waiting for too long, as the concrete might start to set. This edging process involves smoothing the edges to remove excess concrete so that they’re smooth and round.

Float the Concrete

The next step is known as ‘floating’ the concrete. This happens when you swish the magnesium lead on the concrete in sweeping strokes to smooth over any marks that might be left on the surface. Then, wait a little for the surface part of the concrete to harden before you smooth it over evenly, using a steel trowel. While you’re required to use light force with the lead, you’ll have to apply your strength with the trowel and put a bit of pressure when swaying it, an action which should be done in large arc intersections to ensure a truly smooth finish.  

Create a Non-Slip Surface

The last step is to add some texture to the smoothed surface by sweeping a broom over the surface, going from one end of the slab to the other in a dragging motion. This will help to prevent people from slipping when walking on the flooring Gilbert surface while adding a distinct appearance to it.

One of the most important considerations to keep in mind when working with concrete is to be patient. Your hand needs to be steady and your mind focused to avoid making any mistakes.