Bathed in Color

Orange is a joyful colour that we have a tendency to associate with heat, sociability and creativity. It’s a fantastic bathroom color option if you reside in a cold weather, as it will help warm you up on the chilliest days — those who reside in hot climates might want to use the color sparingly.

If you’re considering using this feisty colour in a bathroom, there are a couple of things to remember while picking your palette. If you go bright and bold, use the orange in limited doses or using toned-down neutrals. Maintain the layout very easy (using unfussy decorative fittings), otherwise you’ll encounter sensory overload.

Warm hues tend to progress, and cool colors recede, therefore darker apples will make a bathroom feel bigger. Want to work with a saturated orange? If your bathroom lacks natural lighting, you might want to pump this up with better lighting. If you decide on a milder orange, it may operate as a neutral backdrop hue that pairs nicely with a number of other colors and can handle more things going on in the area.

Have a look at a few of my favorite orange colors for baths, combined with eight enticing baths piled in orange.

Jennifer Ott Design

It can be challenging to tell from a small chip if your chosen paint colour is going to look great on a bigger scale, so make certain to sample colors in the area before committing to them particularly if you’re going with a bright bold color.

Orange paint picks for toilets (clockwise from top left):
1. Ginger Peach 119-5, Pittsburgh Paints
2. Spiced Nectarine DES193, Dunn-Edwards
3. Medici A0706, Glidden
4. Mac n’ Cheese 098-4, Mythic Paint
5. Orange Spark KM3558-3, Kelly-Moore Paints
6. Carrot Stick 2016-30, Benjamin Moore
7. Island Orange 2010-2, Valspar
8. Obstinate Orange SW6884, Sherwin-Williams

Studio 80 Interior Design

What an bathroom! The saturated orange wall color is the best background for all those beautiful pendants and the filigreed shadows they cast. The room glows.

Min | Day Architects

Ironically this bathroom is not for everybody, but for those who love lots of bold color during a place, I think it illustrates the way to successfully pull off it by maintaining the decoration and design minimalist. You could add some art and accessories in other colors to break up the orange, but I’d still keep them very easy.

CCI Renovations

If you prefer the intense orange color in the prior bathroom but want a smaller dose of it, then check out this fashionable space with its own eye-popping orange tiled accent wall. With the majority of the bathroom clad in white and ample daylight pouring in through the skylight, the space reamins open and light.

Mark Brand Architecture

You might go with a more neutral palette overall and also add a dash of orange through furniture or accessories only. The tougher-to-change things in this bathroom would make a terrific background for accessories and furniture in any colour. A neutral backdrop palette would provide you lots of choices to play with colour down the street without having to completely renovate the distance.

Orange blended with other hot hues, like yellow and red, creates a vibrant but harmonious palette. This toilet’s abundant light, white walls and high ceilings allow for a liberal use of bright colour without making the space feel claustrophobic.

Chimera Interior Design

Consider bringing colour in through wall coverings, like this fun wallpaper. These particular shades of orange are energy boosting — a fantastic option in a bathroom where you spend the morning showering and getting ready to start the day.

Thomas Roszak Architecture

Try painting a small wall a favorite orange. This is an excellent low-commitment way to find a little punch of color in a room. This more toned-down orange is a fantastic choice for a bathroom where you would like to invest some time relaxing in the tub.

Jane Ellison

This is another lovely bath clad in a mellower orange, however, one that still has lots of vibrancy. Many wood tones look orange, so the combination of orange and wood in a room exudes a warm, rich and comfy vibe.

Tell us How have you decorated with orange in a bathroom?

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