Fruiting Fig Trees

Fig (Ficus carica) is a warm-climate fruiting tree. Growing into a height of 30 feet, unless pruned, fig trees are tiny, wide spreading trees that bear a very healthy fruit. When planted beside a building that reflects light, within an area seen as a summer fog, fig trees fresh fruit greatest. Fig trees developing with circumstances that are ideal create two crops of figs each yr. The crop is made in the previous season on progress as well as the 2nd crop is created on new development.


Tolerance characterizes Fig trees, with the exception of soil and winter. Although they grow best in slightly acidic soil, fig trees prosper from acidic to alkaline, in various soil types as well as a broad pH range, provided that the soil is -drained. Plant fig trees in full sunlight. Whenever feasible, find a fig tree within near proximity to your building but not closer than 4-feet. Roots of the fig tree don’t harm pipes or foundations, with the exception of clay components. Keep fig trees at least 25-feet away from clay pipes. No extra fertilizer is needed. Mulch to to manage grasses and weeds and offer slow release fertilizer. Fig trees are tolerant of salt spray.

Chill Hrs

When they obtain at least 100 chill hrs fruit is placed on fig trees. Including the amount of hours each year the temperatures fall between 32 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit calculates chill hours. Chill hrs allow it to be possible to get a tree to enter and interrupt hgh. When dormancy is delayed or interrupted by mild climate, trees may bud out of time, disturbing the normal cycle. The Sunset of California ‘s Zones 16 and 17 but this is is enough to induce and ensure fresh fruit set. Select types which are known consult to your nearby nursery or backyard middle regarding chill hrs in your locality, or to develop in your certain location.


Fig trees from stay stakes planted right to the garden. Take cuttings from canes around 3/4 inch in diameter. Make cuttings 8 to 10″ long, slicing just just underneath bud, or a node. Place drains properly and stay stakes in a ready garden or alternative location that’s tilled. Leave the best bud exposed aboveground. Water when planted, unless the climate is particularly dry, and don’t water. Varieties suggested for the moderate climates of San Mateo and San-Francisco counties by the College of California are Black Mission, Brown Turkey and White Genoa.


Of coaching a fig tree, the objective will be to provide ideal sunlight to the branches that are fruiting. Use both the open- the changed leader program or middle coaching approach. For an open heart, reduce a youthful tree back to some height of 2 1/2 or 3-feet. Select three to four branches, spaced several inches aside vertically and spaced evenly round the diameter of the tree. Throughout the next season that is dormant, cut the branches that are lateral back to 36-inches long. Remove any branches that are new. In subsequent years, eliminate around 25-percent of the progress of the current year’s. Prune mature up right progress to be removed by trees. The altered leader method, also also known as delayed middle that is open, starts using three to four laterals and a powerful leader, as leader coaching. A 2nd established of branches is authorized to increase before cropping the leader off.

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