DIY: Watch How to Make a Rolling Vintage Storage Crate

One downside of the toilet of the rental apartment: no medicine cabinet or vanity space. Basically, no storage. And new tile extends from floor to ceiling, so that I can not mount a cabinet or put into the walls. Since I am far from being a minimalist when it comes to lotions and creams, I needed to make some kind of storage alternative. I opted to take advantage of the distance beneath the counter. I had a few vintage wooden crates that proven to be the ideal size to stack and roll beneath the counter. Problem solved!

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One large classic wooden cage houses all the large and bulky toiletries. I really like I can finally stow away those bottles (along with my set of makeup bags) so the counter is not littered with dressing products.

I needed to add brakes to the bottom of the cage, both to protect the tile and make it easier to slide the crate from beneath the counter.

Super-easy DIY job: First, I picked up a pair of casters in my hardware shop. Then I drilled pilot holes keep the wood from splitting. Screw from the casters and you’re set!

I placed a shallow timber crate on top of the wheeled crate to act as a tray shirt and to neatly hide the toiletries below.

I maintain some small bathroom supplies within this cage (extra contacts, Q-tips) and it is the ideal place for a couple magazines.

The storage system works well for us. I discovered the vintage crates at Maine for $20 and invested $5 on the casters, which made it an inexpensive custom made solution for our toilet.

I also believe the vintage wooden crates include a little personality to the space — a nice mix of new and old.

Perhaps you have think of a fantastic DIY storage alternative? We’d really like to see it. Post a photograph for your profile and then provide us the link below!

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