Utility Fabrics That Move the DIY Distance

Linen, muslin, fall fabric and duck cloth are all inexpensive and versatile options that can help you revamp a room. Since these materials are usually neutral in color, are durable and can be located at many cloth, craft and hardware stores, they are fantastic for DIY jobs. Maintain several yards of your favorite cosmetics cloth on hand, and you will always be prepared when an idea presents itself.


Most utility cloths have a rougher texture, which is great for decorators and designers that are looking to add textural interest to a room. This rough linen bedding has a French-countryside feel.

Rough Linen

Linen delivers a lovely way to add a timeless touch to jobs and crafts. Fine linen can be pricey, but you can also find less expensive linen that works well for many home jobs. It’s very durable and ready to wick moisture, but it is also a material that readily wrinkles.

Try linen on your mattress for a gentle and inviting duvet cover. Its natural fibers make it a healthy and comfortable fabric choice.

Yvonne McFadden LLC

Upholster a headboard or pay part of a wall with linen to revamp a bedroom with an elegant focal point. A upholstery brads refines the appearance.

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors


Fashion designers usually cut their garments from muslin for a test drive before they sew their final pieces. Muslin is affordable and frequently gets lost. However, there’s beauty in this inexpensive cloth — the natural color gives it a vintage quality without the vintage price. It dyes well and is soft and comfy, lightweight, simple to sew and exceptionally versatile.

As seen with this ruffled shower curtain, muslin is excellent for all sorts of home DIY jobs. It’s a neutral base that can be enhanced with paint, dye, stitched details or rubberized.


Fall Fabric

Drop fabric is similar in color and texture to muslin and is also very inexpensive. Muslin can be discovered at any fabric shop, while fall cloth can be purchased at a home improvement or paint shop. It’s a lot thicker and stiffer than muslin, therefore it is not the best choice for jobs with little details. Nonetheless, it’s water resistant, and its durability is a shield against rips and tears. Use it outside for backyard and patio DIY jobs, like this draped color on a gazebo .

Lauren Liess Interiors

Much like muslin, drop fabric is neutral and easy. You may choose to add depth or color to integrate it better with your decor. This talented DIYer stamped a pattern onto a big sheet of fall cloth and draped it on the infant’s crib. Initially an inexpensive utility cloth, it’s now transformed into a glamorous textile.

Mustard Seed Interiors

This is another creative use for fall cloth: upholstering furniture. Many times, conventional upholstery fabric is very expensive, so this could be an affordable and durable option. If the thought of white furniture is daunting, dye the cloth a darker color first.


Duck Fabric

Duck cloth, that is made from cotton fibers, is also known as canvas. Like drop fabric, it is very durable, thick and stiff, making it a choice for outdoor jobs.

Although it’s not as soft as muslin, it is still simple to dye and sew. Cotton duck are available at fabric stores, and it is usually available in basic colors. The natural structure of duck cloth makes it work well as a decorative lampshade, like in this undertaking.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Duck cloth is water resistant, so it is ideal for a DIY shower curtain. With a curtain linertreated or treated with a waterproofing spray, then it works well anywhere in the restroom.

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