A trapdoor’s attractiveness is its footprint. When open, a trapdoor provides access to spaces below or over in an almost covert method. When closed, the trapdoor is a flush surface, either a load-bearing floor or a hatchway to an attic. No square footage is lost in spaces with a trapdoor.

David Edrington, Architect

Most people consider tree houses or attics when they envision a trapdoor. Dormers add enough headroom to produce this loft a bedroom, and also the trapdoor succeeds in making it a cool one with lots of floor space.

A wine cellar is found in the cool depths beneath this kitchen’s trapdoor.

LU D├ęcor

A clear acrylic trapdoor provides access to a open-tread spriral staircase. Plexiglas sheets are strong and have clear clarity.

Adding a trapdoor is a unique way to raise storage space below a staircase.

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