The Minimum Size to a Attic's Access

Attic access panels serve as a significant security and convenience feature in the home. These openings not only allow electrical and mechanical contractors to get equipment and wiring, but in addition they provide for simple storage access for the homeowner. The International Residential Code dictates the minimum size for attic access openings in the USA.

Minimum Opening Size

The 2012 International Residential Code requires an attic access opening for attics with an area greater than 30 square feet and a vertical height in excess of 30 inches. The rough framed opening must measure at least 22. If the opening is situated at a wall, it must be at least 22 inches wide and 30 inches high.

Attics With Mechanical Gear

Attics containing mechanical equipment, such as an air conditioner, require itself opening irrespective of the size of the attic. This opening must provide clear access of at least 20 by 30 inches; it must be large enough to permit removal of the biggest piece of equipment in the attic.

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