The best way to Stake Melons

Melons are a healthy and delicious addition to your own backyard garden, however they simply take a lot of space up. Staking melons encourages them to develop so they take up less space in your backyard. Growing your melons off the floor decreases the threat of diseases and pests that may attack fresh fruit and the crops. A little work in the beginning of the period will improve your odds of developing melons that are wholesome.

Drive the two-metal fence posts to the floor into a depth of 2 feet. Space the two-metal stakes 8-feet apart.

Hammer one notched wood stake to the floor outside each end post. Drive them to the floor with an angle into a depth of approximately 1 foot away from each steel fence-post.

Attach wire that is flexible to one of the wood stakes that are notched and operate up it to the very top of the fence-post. Run the wire to the most effective notch on-the-fence post.

Pull the wire between the two fence-posts and slip it in the first class of the fence-post that is 2nd. Run the wire down to the 2nd notched wood stake. Wrap and tie round the stake. Pull the wire tight as possible before attaching it to the 2nd wood stake that is notched.

Space Shooks 18-inches apart across the wire which is stretched between the two fence-posts.

Hang plastic netting on the Shooks. Attach the netting to the fence-posts on each and every side by slipping it in the prefabricated notches that run up each fence-post.

Plant melon seeds in the root of the netting. Guide the melon vines onto the plastic as they increase taller netting.

Cut the toes off clear panty hose as they start to grow to help melons, for example cantaloupe or honey-dew. Slip one tie the ends of the pantyhose to the netting and melon in to each foot. The help stops the melons but permits lots of oxygen and sunlight to make it to the fresh fruit as it matures.

Place melons that are greater, including watermelon, in to tshirt strips. Tie the ends of every strip. This this gives mo-Re assistance than panty hose s O the water-melons rip the netting from the help or do not fall-off the vine.

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