The best way to Prune a Fuschia Plant

Leaves of fuchsias and the vibrant blooms include a blaze of colour to patios and gardens in several regions of the United States. Trailing plants and growing equally as bushes, they come with different tolerance to cool in more than 100 species. Most initially come from Central and South America, but some species are hardy to 2-3 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your fuchsia crops shapely, healthy and bursting with flowers.

Fuchsia in springtime before the plants start to develop.

Cut off damaged and dead branches with pruning shears.

Cut off branches that cross each other in crops that are bush.

Cut back the branches to get the form you want. Prune a basket fuchsia right into a wagon wheel form, eliminating branches that develop instead of out. Cut back a plant that is bush to less or half its size, removing straggly branches close to the primary stem that is vertical. If your bush has several primary stems, cut out all but the types that are strongest.

Pinch off buds when they seem to encourage flowering and branching. Flowers develop on wood that is green.

Pinch off dead flowers on the period to inspire constant blooming.

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