The best way to Attach a Cork Liner to Shelves

Lining your shelves offers a cushioned and slip-resistant surface to help protect your plates and glasses. Cork, a normal moisture absorber resists mildew and mold, which is useful before storing them in your cupboard, should you not dry your dishes well. The self adhesive backing make them easy to install; it stays in place, unlike some plastic, non adhesive shelf liners.

Measure duration and the width of all shelves you want to protect. The finest cork shelf liner for the work are at least an inch wider than your shelves; it is simpler to reduce to to match rather than attempt to to stick a little strip of cork to fill in. Seem at the size of the rolls of cork liner, and purchase enough to line the size of all your shelves.

Remove any dishes out of your shelves and wipe the shelves clean using a moist rag. Allow the shelves to dry totally.

Measure the specific dimensions including hurdles like notches around wood, of every shelf supports. Draw a diagram of every shelf on newspaper pages, taping webpages together if required to to make the shape of your shelf.

Cut the diagrams out then lay them to ensure an exact match. Trim where required.

Unroll some cork lining. Lay the newspaper templates in place on top and tape, then slice the the cork lining to coincide with the template. Use a straight edge to help keep the cut-lines straight. Lay the cork lining on the shelf to guarantee a correct match.

Peel back the adhesive along one edge of the liner, eliminating between 6 and 12″ of adhesive. Line the corner of the liner up and press down. Slide your hand over the outer edge that is quick, making liner lines up using the shelf edge. Press outward toward the liner that is remaining.

Peel straight back 6-to-12-inch sections of backing in an occasion and press the cork to the shelf before the whole liner h AS adhered. Peeling straight back parts of of backing aids helps maintain the cork from inadvertently staying with the incorrect section of shelf or it self. Repeat the procedure with all the shelves.

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