Small-Space Secret: A Great Big Mirror

Mirrors are your friend, just as long as you enjoy what is looking back in you. Mirrors in home decor, notably oversize mirrors, are assets when positioned to accentuate your home’s best features. Framed or unframed, mounted or freestanding, mirrors are hardworking and may double your decorating dollar. You may dwell in only 500 square feet, however, the ideal mirror will make it appear much larger.

Michael Abrams Limited

When installing an oversize mirror, be cautious of what it will reveal. In this dining room, the mirror shows a beautiful reflection of not only the crystal chandelier, but also of a painting and a winding staircase in the foyer.

Kari McIntosh Design

Add the illusion of square footage without the costly renovation. A seamless mirror installment nearly doubles this average-sized room.

Mark Dodge Design

Positioned between 2 French doors, the mirror infuses drama into the room with its absolute magnitude and generates the illusion of a middle door.

Tracy Lynn Studio

Sunlight flooding this spacious dining room with help from a bounty of windows and the wall mirror over the buffet. The mirror’s reflective attributes decorate this chamber, even on a cloudy day.

Annette English

In lieu of artwork, a set of life-sized walnut mirrors brings the attention back for this magnificent Sputnik chandelier.

Positioned at opposite ends of a narrow closet, a set of floor-to-ceiling mirrors transform this small space into a virtual hall of mirrors.

Joel Kelly Design

When put in a dark room, an oversize mirror eagerly unlocks any bit of mild and radiates it throughout the whole room.

Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

The easy addition of a large mirror will turn your walk-in closet into a boutique fitting room in an instant.

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