Secrets Your House Locksmith Won’t Tell You

Ever wondered what interesting secrets your locksmith may be hiding from you about their profession? Neither did we, but that was until we came across these interesting facts from handyman services Peoria IL, which could potentially help you to bump up your security while saving a ton in locksmith fees.

Contractors Are Not Good at Installing Deadbolts

The deadbolts installed by contractors almost always come up with problems that require the help of a locksmith, whereas the problem could have been easily avoided if the thing was installed right in the first place.

Use a Double Cylinder Lock

While you may feel safe with your thumb-turn lock, consider the fact that a burglar won’t need a key in order to unlock it. They can easily access it by breaking the window glass and reaching for it. On the other hand, a cylinder lock requires a key which makes it safer for you and difficult for burglars to mess with.

Buy Your Safe from a Reputable Seller

Try not to purchase your safe from an auction, flea market or estate sale. Not only will it cost hundreds of dollars for you to open the safe after you’ve purchased it, but it’ll probably be dirty as well.

Rekey the Locks When You Buy a New House

When moving into a new house, make sure to rekey all the locks so that there’s no chance of the previous tenants gaining access to your new home.

Don’t Buy Cheap Locks

Most of the locks available at big-box stores are produced en-masse and are really low-end, which doesn’t make them very safe. However, if you must purchase a key from one of the big chain stores, make sure that’s it’s a grade 2 at least, which means it’s a little rare.

Don’t Feel Bad if You Have to Call the Locksmith Twice

Most handyman Peoria IL are used to being called out multiple times per day because it is their work after all. So, don’t beat yourself up about calling out the locksmith regularly. They may even give you some tips to help you avoid or fix the problem yourself next time.

Call Only One Locksmith

While most locksmiths can appreciate the level of anxiety you feel when you’ve locked yourself out of your house or car, it would be inconsiderate of you to call more than one at a time. Rather be patient and make sure that the one locksmith that you do call understands the level of urgency in your situation.

After Hours Rates Are More Expensive

handyman Peoria charge considerably higher rates for late night call outs than they do for normal hours. A job that would usually cost you $50 during the day can hike up to $100 at 1 A.M.

Try the Door

Sometimes when you think you’re locked out, it might just be a slight glitch in the door, and giving it another try may just open it without the need to call a locksmith.