Replacing a Shower Faucet Handle

The bathroom is is among the the most-used rooms in the house and should withstand a barrage of wear from repeated use, temperature changes and dampness changes, therefore it isn’t any wonder when a component just like a shower manage needs alternative. Shower manage methods come in a broad selection of metals and styles, and come in single-, double- or triple-manage configurations. Fortunately, no matter what kind of handle you’ve, the procedure for changing the handle is usually the same — and easy.

Turn off the water-supply to the home or to the shower in the event that you CAn’t access the shower supplyline. By turning the shower handles to enable the water currently to drain, open the valve.

Pry any attractive handles off using a flat-head screwdriver. On some handles, it is a piece that sits in the middle of the manage and labels each aspect with the H or C for cool or warm. Don’t worry about breaking this piece, it may be replaced at any given hardware store.

Pry off the ornamental plate, which addresses the manage elements in the wall, using a flathead screw-driver and sits flush against the wall. Use stress to the plate in the event the plate is caught and try before utilizing the screw-driver again to wiggle it.

Remove all screws using a flathead, hex or phillips-head screw-driver as required. Be certain to to look at all components of the manage as some handles some fasten in the rear, some fasten on the sides and fasten in the entrance.

Pull the manage off. Some handles are hard since they’ve corroded on the years to remove. Utilize warmth to the manage utilizing a hair-dryer, if that is true or use a plumbing lubricant to the location. Use a manage puller, which may be purchased in a plumbing provide shop in the event the handle continues to be stuck.

Slide the handle that is new on the stem and fasten the screws to secure the manage. Replace any other ornamental parts and the ornamental plate that you eliminated. Turn the handle to validate that it’s installed properly and turnon the water-supply.

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