Just how do I Quantify the Square-Footage for Granite Counter-Top?

Granite counter-tops are becoming a fixture in high end residences. They have been obtainable in colours as well as numerous patterns and so are practically maintenance-free. Also , they are comparatively expensive, so precisely discovering your requirements is crucial to avoiding costly order errors. Order much wastes cash, as you wait for added content while purchasing too small wastes money and time. Luckily, computing the quantity of granite required to finish a job needs mathematics abilities and only simple carpentry.

Measure in inches the spans of counter tops, including islands and foundation cupboards. By way of example, suppose you’ve 144-inches of counter top. This is the amount of backsplash at the same time.

Your absolute span by 26, the width in inches of regular countertops, to discover complete countertop region in square inches. So, 44-inches occasions 26 inches produces inches . square 3,744 Multiply 144-inches by 4″ to locate your complete backsplash region in square inches. That is 144 occasions 4″, producing 576 square-inches of back-splash.

Add both totals to discover absolute square footage: 3,744 plus 576 equals 4,320 square . inches Break Up 4,320 by 144 to change to square feet 30 square-feet granite.