How to Clean a 10-Year-Old Front Deck Prior to Painting It

Professional painters require several important steps prior to painting a deck. Including cleaning the deck thoroughly to remove mould, mildew, dirt and other debris. Trapped debris and dirt stop the paint from fully attaching into the wood. This causes it to prematurely peel and wear off. You have to wash 10-year-old decks completely since they may have more dirt buildup on them than brand new decks.

Sweep the deck to remove most of the loose and dry debris. Most dirt on wood is dry and eliminating it all speeds up the cleaning procedure.

Mix 1 gallon of hot water with 2 tbsp gum turpentine and 4 tbsp boiled linseed oil.

Dip a scrubbing brush into the cleaning solution and wash it over the wood deck. Work until the deck is completely clean. Utilize as much cleaning solution as necessary until the deck is completely clean.

Utilize an oscillating instrument equipped with a rigid edge blade subsequently fitted with coarse grit sandpaper, to peel away then sand any pocked or muddy stains of paint, or to remove caked on debris.

Scrub the deck with clear water from a hose. Let it dry completely for many days until you paint it. If the deck is moist until you paint it, then it is going to dry off and bubble the paint up. This causes premature peeling.

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