How to Calculate the Roof Area Utilizing the Building Square Footage & the Pitch of the Roof

So you are considering reroofing the home yourself and need a quote for how much roofing stuff you’ll want, but you do not need to go climbing around with a tape measure and frighten your partner half to death. You are in luck, since mathematics can rescue you from pulling out that ladder and tape measure.

Straight to the reply

Divide your roof pitch by 12. Roof pitch is provided as the amount of inches in height shift over the space of one foot. Dividing by 12 provides the ratio of inches in climb per space. For example, a normal roof pitch is very likely to be about 4. So for a pitch angle of 4, divide by 12 and receive 1/3.

Square the outcome of Step 1. So keeping our roof pitch of 4 this provides us 1/9.

Add 1, then take the square root. Adding 1 provides us 1 + 1/9 = 10/9, then taking the square root gives us about 1.0541.

Multiply from the square footage of a single floor of your property. So continuing our example, if you have got a 2 story home with a complete square footage of 2,700 square feet, with each floor with 1,350 square feet, then multiply 1,350 from 1.0541 to receive 1,423 square feet. That means you’d need 1,423 square feet of roofing.

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