Guest Groups: The Night Sky

When I was young, I wanted to pay my own ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars. I believed they would be ideal to count on sleepless nights. While I grew from that fashion, I never lost my passion for the nighttime skies. Stargazing is particularly beautiful in the crisp winter air. This collection contains small suggestions to pull the nighttime skies into the home in some classy, and some enjoyable, manners. — Brandi from Not Your Average Ordinary

Hubble Crab Nebula – $9.85

NASA’s Hubble telescope has been capturing some incredible pictures from outer space. Many of the magnificent prints are available as posters. They would easily add drama to some bare wall.

Barneby Gates

All Star Wallpaper from Barneby Gates – GBP 78

Barneby Gates has a magical touch when it comes to wallpaper, and this celebrity version is no exception. The metallic ink and feel create the stars look really elegant.


Halley’s Comet Path by Dorana Design – $189

For people who can remember watching Halley’s Comet as a youngster, this artwork piece mapping its path is a perfect way to commemorate one of the events of childhood.

Pottery Barn

Star Cachepot – $29.50

The little star on this kettle is subtle, but it is still a lovely reminder that everything we know is made from stardust.


Vintage Constellations Print”Le Ciel” with Miss Quite Contrary – $22

Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences, and this vintage print of constellations is a fantastic reminder that past generations have been mapping the skies for centuries.


Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere Wall Hanging by Little Intelligent Studio – $85

This constellation embroidery could look amazing on any bookshelf or wall mounted, particularly if it were surrounded by other instances of nature’s beauty.

Restoration Hardware

Rustic Star Garland at Brass – $55

This sweet little star garland would be ideal inside or outside. It would also be amazing through the holidays wrapped round a tree.

Stars from Seb Lester – EUR 90

I instantly fell in love with this particular print when I saw it. I then took a closer look and discovered that the lines and letters themselves are made up of very tiny stars.

Modern Scatter Cushions – GBP 55

This throw pillow adds a nice touch of the nighttime skies to any area. It might seem particularly charming on a silver or white couch.

Old World Astrolabe – $99.95

Armillary spheres were used by scientists to help find and predict the positions of the sun, planets and moon. While contemporary computers are a lot easier to work with, this tool still has an Old World charm which will help create a home feel like a museum.


Constellation Lampshade by ECLU – $79

This entertaining, whimsical lamp color is created from small pieces of an old constellation map. It might work perfectly in a young teenager’s room or some other family room.


Classic Celestial Globe from Ruff by Margo – $75

Though this vintage globe of the constellations doesn’t light up like most contemporary ones, it might be a fantastic, unique conversation piece in any area.


Sun Moon Stars Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker by Decal Farm – $15

Wall stickers make adding some starlight and moving the stars into different patterns much easier than the old glow-in-the-dark stars ever allowed.

Maintain Calm Gallery

Shoot For the Stars from Hayley & Lucas – GBP 16

The futuristic font set against the classic starry sky within this poster create an ideal mix. The sentiment would look lovely framed and set on a desk or on the wall as a constant reminder to dream large.

Pottery Barn Kids

Constellation Sheeting

These constellation sheets may have been designed for a child’s room, but they would be brightly colored in almost any adult’s bedroom too, particularly if hidden during the day by a glowing quilt or duvet.

Urban Outfitters

Constellation Duvet Cover – $69

From afar, this duvet cover resembles a simple black cover with a white layout. But closer inspection reveals a multitude of constellations to learn and trace at night before falling asleep.

Pottery Barn Kids

Stark Star Rug

This star-patterned rug has a slight nautical feel to it, which is not surprising given how profoundly ancient seafarers relied on the stars to direct their journeys.

Pottery Barn Kids

Jared Star Shade & Mason Base – $35

This celebrity lamp color and easy base could be fantastic on any nightstand, particularly in a child’s room.


Retro Atomic Star Glow Plate from Zuza Shop – $7.50

Stars were extremely popular throughout the’50s and’60s for dinnerware, along with the retro appearance of the star burst plate could work for almost any special occasion.


Homer Laughlin 1950s Modern Star Vintage China Bowls by Pazinktum – $40

This collection of six vintage bowls are a wonderfully easy way to incorporate some celebrity bursts into your daily decor.

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