From Blowing in Vents the best way to Keep Rain

Attic vents keep your house comfortable as well as in excellent situation by enabling humidity and warmth to dissipate to the the outside. Within a rain storm, rain may be blown by winds through the attic vents in your house. This additional moisture fuels the development of mould and mildew causes wood injury and can destroy products that were saved. From blowing in attic vents, keeping rain needs several hours of of energy but might save the expense of costly repair charges to you.

Securing Vents

Loose vent addresses makes it possible for rain to blow to the attic. Use a ladder to gain access to the vent and tighten the screws of the cover using a screwdriver. You might want to include extra screws to to keep the vent protect securely because most handles are connected only in the corners. Use an electric drill to drill one hole in the midpoint of every side of the vent, then use 3/4 inch wood screws to secure the cover.


They are strengthened by adding sheetmetal to the seams of your handles and increases their capacity to keep out rain. Select sheetmetal of the same thickness as your vent protect. Cut four pieces of sheet steel to to match the perimeter of the cover, enabling 1-inch of overlap at every corner and every seam. Use a drill as well as sheet-metal screws to secure the sheet-metal flashing to the cover.


Place a deflector on the opening of the vent to keep rain. Deflectors are available in configurations, several sizes and colours to coordinate with your current vent protect. Select a cover manufactured from stainless metal for outside use. Use sheet-metal screws to mount the deflector on the attic vent protect.

Screening and Caulking

Measure width and the length of the attic vent protect. Access the the inner aspect of the attic vent. Cut an item of 0.17-millimeter gauge metal screening somewhat bigger than the dimensions of the attic vent protect. Mount the screening joists utilizing a gun. Use a ladder to eliminate the attic vent protect and use a staple gun to secure the screening to the protect, in the event you CAn’t access the attic inside. Reattach the protect that is vent.

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