12 Ways With Room Dividers

On occasion a wide-open floor plan can be extremely intimidating. One wonders where to start, anxieties the scale of this space will swallow up the furniture, and also can be confounded about how to make more intimate spaces within it. If you’re looking for more separation, then think about a room divider until you call from the drywall man. There are several flexible options out there — here is a dozen to receive your started.

Hufft Projects

This lively wall’s metal rods create a rhythm that is repeated in furniture during the house.

MusaDesign Interior Design

This bookshelf blocks off the view of this kitchen. Just how much of this view is blocked can change, since the shelves could be totally emptied, entirely filled with books, or left everywhere in between.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

This unique built-in system allows for another sort of flexibility: Art can be shown on either side. The homeowners can change this informative article effortlessly when they wish to open up or close off the wall, or when they acquire a new slice. They are even able to pull a switcheroo and have the art face the opposite room for a fresh look.


These repurposed windows offer a sense of separation but leave a nice perspective between dining and living locations. Using reclaimed objects like the dividers and repurposing them is quite appropriate in this former factory.

BAAN design

This light screening functions like oversized matchstick blinds, creating a sense of different spaces by placing a filter over the view.

A exceptional composition of plastic branches creates a temporary space divider that resembles some type of MoMA setup.

Diane Bennett Bedford

Intricate doors and windows can produce a divider with exotic flair.


A simple grid of mirrors can choose a conventional, art deco, or modern look, depending upon how the horizontal is decorated. Whatever the design, it allows light to filter bounce round the space while creating a solid, physical separation.

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

A portable room screen like this one could be moved around to different places. Also, its unique structure lets it serve as a sculpture.

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Yaniv Schwartz – Photographer

A wall of wine separates this music and movie area from the stairwell, creating a corridor.

Valerie pasquiou interiors + design, inc

The glass on this divider is slightly mirrored on one side, which lets the light while allowing some solitude in the office. At the exact same time, its translucence and very low height makes the space feel larger.

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Rossington Architecture

A very brief divider can add coziness into a nook; this one simply extends the width of their windowseat. The divider highlights the horizontal and picks up on other wealthy woods utilized throughout the home.

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